Num Noms Event at Au Fudge in West Hollywood

By Lucy – age 7

I had so much fun at the Num Noms event at Au Fudge! I never heard about Num Noms before but now I love them! They light up and their heads even come apart. They are so cute and smell beautiful, like good fruits. There is also makeup like lip gloss and nail polish. The nail polish was my favorite. Num Noms has a way make your own nail polish color like pink and blue and you can even put in sparkles but don’t forget to shake it up really hard. I got to make a lunch box with smelly stickers and we put them on the lunch box. Now even if my lunch smells bad the stickers will make it smell good. There were lots of other kids there too and they were really nice to me. I don’t have a favorite Num Nom yet, I like them all. Now I want to own all theNum Noms and the nail polish making kit too. I want to thank the people who had the event because now I love Num Noms!


By Shelby – age 11

When we got to the Num Noms event I felt worried that I would be the only older kid there. But when we arrived, it didn’t matter because there were so many fun things to do there even though the toys are for younger kids. I realize it’s good to enjoy myself more then worry about what other people think. My mom says it’s my age that makes me worried about what other people think and that I should just enjoy every minute of every opportunity to learn about new things and play with new toys. BTW, later I saw a 12-year-old girl and she was having fun, just like me!

The food was so yummy and there were lots of stuff decorated to look like the Num Noms, which are so, so cute!!! They had a station where two professional manicurists showed you how to make your own nail polish color, which Num Noms sells in a huge box kit. My sister made a blue/purple color.

All the kids at the event took home Num Noms stuff –  a backpack and lunchbox we to decorated ourselves with good smelling Num Nom stickers and some Num Noms toys. My little sister lucked out because I gave her my stuff too. I was happy to see her have so much fun, but who could blame her? It WAS fun! We didn’t even fight the whole time we were there! I look forward to playing at home with my sister and the Num Noms 🙂

More Pics from the Event

Maria Lopez and Tiffany Thiessen

Num Noms

Disclaimer: Shelby, Lucy, and their mom Jonna were invited to this Num Noms sponsored event at Au Fudge to share their experience with Westside Mommy readers. No monetary compensation was made for this post, but they did receive products in a gift bag. All opinions are 100% their own.