5 things a good dad will do

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially to my husband. Parenting is difficult. Since becoming a mom, I’ve heard and shared some interesting stories. Here are some things that help with the parenting process.

1. He will change a poop-filled diaper

I know for a fact there are some fathers who refuse to change a poop-filled diaper. There are some fathers who won’t change a diaper at all. Some have a “one poopy diaper a day rule.” Cleaning up poop and other excrement is never “fun,” but oddly enough, it actually helps you bond with your child.

2. He wants to learn and isn’t afraid of messing up

“If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again.” Let’s face it. We’re all going to mess up – more than once. Parenting fails are bound to happen, and the only way to get over it is to try again. One of the worst things a parent can do is not show up or run away because of fear.

 3. He doesn’t complain

I’m pretty sure this is where the phrase “you’re taking care of two children,” came from, when referring to a husband and child. One whining toddler is enough.

4. He gets that your life will never be the same after having kids.

Weekends start getting filled with birthday parties and activities that revolve around the child. If you want a date night, it has to be planned in advance. Holidays start becoming more meaningful, hobbies become more interesting.

5. He gets that your body won’t be the same after giving birth

Rebecca Roher illustrated Mom Body, which is a brutally honest comic about motherhood and the changes a woman experiences during pregnancy. What our bodies go through is pretty amazing and should be appreciated.