An App worth getting – The Wonder Weeks

When my daughter was around 4 months old, I sought advice from a friend who has two daughters and seems to have it together when it comes to parenting. Her youngest is about the same age as another friend’s baby, which is 4 months older than mine. We all scheduled a playdate and I picked her brain on so many things. One of the biggest takeaways was to get The Wonder Weeks app. Her and our other friend’s conversation referenced “leaps,” and “cloudy periods.” She explained it’s based on the book, which describes week by week, the periods of development, regression of a baby for the first 20 months of their lives. Once I got the app, I started to understand my baby and became less frustrated with her when things changed such as her eating habits, newfound fears, or sleeping pattern. The app is limited, and more useful when used with the book, but it is extremely helpful in describing what could be going on with your baby.

Here is where my daughter is on her chart. There’s a storm up ahead that I’m not looking forward to!

Wonder Weeks Chart

Wonder Weeks Chart


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