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I’ve been blessed to meet and become friends with some really great people through blogging. I first met Jen of at a Dreamworks Event for Kung Fu Panda 3, where we interviewed Kate Hudson. Jen is from the San Fernando Valley (SFV) and is a mom of a teen! I’m constantly learning new things from her, enjoy reading about her adventures, and love running into her at events. Learn a little more about her and her valley favorites!

Jen’s Valley FAVORITES


Claudine Artisan Kitchen & Bakeshop in Encino. They have seasonal specials, but my go-to breakfast item is their chilaquiles.


Hand & Stone Massage in Porter Ranch. I sit at my computer all day long. Their Himalayan Salt Stone Massage really gets out the kinks in my neck, shoulders, and back.


I’m kind of low-maintenance when it comes to beauty treatments but I love a good pedicure since it always seems like sandal weather in the Valley. Star Nails & Spa in Granada Hills gives the best pedicures!

Advice from Jen

What are some tips for raising a well-adjusted tween?

I’m still trying to figure that out, lol! Honestly because I have only one kid, I was probably a helicopter mom in the beginning (especially when she was a toddler and in elementary school). I’ve learned to back off a bit because that type of hovering doesn’t work at all with tweens.

What was your favorite thing (movie/event/etc) from Summer, and what are you looking forward to this Fall?

I really adored the movie “Yesterday.” It didn’t get the attention that I thought it deserved over the summer. It was written by the guy who wrote “Notting Hill” and “Love Actually.” The movie was sweet & it made me laugh, plus the music was awesome.

I’m looking forward to seeing “Last Christmas” with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. I love a good rom-com and this looks very promising.

What’s on the radar for tweens in your household? 

My daughter loves playing the Nintendo Switch & she’s looking forward to when the new Pokémon game, “Sword and Shield” comes out later this year. She’s also obsessed with “Hamilton” and keeps begging us to let her go see it at Pantages next year. Fingers crossed that we can actually buy the tickets since I know they are a hot commodity!

What do you do for self-care?

Working out is my stress release! I try to take an evening cycle class at the gym or sweat it out on my treadmill at home at least 2-3 times a week. Weekends are for yoga, a boxing class or strength-training. When I’m having a bad day, there’s nothing like a sweaty fitness session to release the tension and chase away the blues.

Jen + Family
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Thank you, Jen, for the interview! See you at the next event 🙂

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