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“Finding True Connections” Book helps you write your family history

If you’ve ever wanted to document your family history, but never knew where to start, this book, “Finding True Connections” from Exisle Publishing, which will help you achieve that goal.

I am a child of immigrants, and it has been a goal of mine to write my family’s history. I received fragments from my parents here and there, but never really put anything down on paper. This book, “Finding True Connections,” is the perfect launchpad for that goal.

“Finding True Connections” is an easy-to-follow book, containing interview questions and conversation starters. It also includes important tips such as: how and when to hold off when a subject can be extra sensitive, how much time to allocate for the interview, as well as pre-interview questions and suggestions of what the subject should bring to the interview, such as a handful of meaningful photographs or objects.

This is the perfect way to give the gift of history to your family. I can’t wait to get started on this project, so I can have something documented to pass down to my children!

Finding True Connections


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