Book Review: “The Thank You Letter” by Jane Cabrera

As far as we’ve come, technologically, I still love the feel of a personal, handwritten note. I have wonderful friends who regularly send notes of gratitude, which reminds me how nice it is to be the recipient. I want my kids to learn to do the same. I received a review copy of “The Thank You Letter” by Jane Cabrera and recently read it with my six-year old.

The story starts off with a little girl named Grace’s birthday wish list. She ends up receiving most of the items on her list and sends messages of gratitude. Eventually, she realizes how nice it is to thank people for what they do, and starts writing notes to people, animals, and nature. The book ends with her receiving thank you notes from everyone she sent notes to, making her feel good and appreciated all around.

It’s an adorable book which teaches kids the simple, yet powerful act of appreciation.

About Jane Cabrera

Jane Cabrera is best known as an Author and Illustrator of children’s books.
Her first book Cat’s Colours came out in 1997 and she has now written and Illustrated 58 books. They have been translated into over 25 languages and won awards in the US and Europe.

Jane studied graphic design at Art college in the mid 1980s. She worked for many years as a Graphic Designer, mainly within children’s publishing. She grew up just outside London and now lives in Devon, UK.
Her books are painted in acrylic onto paper. She also paints murals and has a fine art practice.

See more on her website.

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