ChubChub PouchBuddy Review and Giveaway


ChubChub PouchBuddy is a plastic screw-on attachment with a spout and handles for food pouches. It is designed to make food pouch eating for babies and toddlers less messy. I first learned about the ChubChub PouchBuddy in  August through my friend Alda, who is friends with the owner, Chia-Ming. Chia-Ming contacted me and asked if my daughter was interested in trying her product. At the time, my daughter Aria was only into finger foods, so I politely declined. Fast forward two months later. While working out at Baby Boot Camp class in Playa Vista, Aria handed me another toddler’s pouch because she wanted it. That’s when I knew she was into pouches again.

A couple weekends ago,  I attended the Club MomMe Fall Family Fest. I was happy to see ChubChub listed as a sponsor. Chia-Ming contacted me via Instagram and offered me a ChubChubPouch Buddy to try and one to giveaway. We tried it out Tuesday at Baby Boot Camp class. It was really easy to use. Aria seemed apprehensive about it at first, but then figured it out. You do have to squeeze out a little to get it started. Aria spent the rest of class eating the pouch and playing with the other toddler, Francisco. Aria is a pretty picky eater, so I am a big fan of anything that will encourage her to eat more!

The ChubChub PouchBuddy is easy to clean and comes with a spout cleaning brush. I’m glad we had the opportunity to try this out, because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! I’m pretty sure it will be one of the things I make sure to pack before I leave the house!




ChubChub Pouch Buddy is available online on the ChubChub website and on Amazon. Enter my giveaway on Instagram!