Day 26 of Fitness Challenge and Aria gets her bangs trimmed

Day 25


I almost didn’t make an egg this morning, but I caved and made one egg, over medium. You’d think with all the egg cooking I’ve been doing lately, I would be better at keeping the yolk intact. I ate it with the Paleo Bread I made on Day 21. I also put real butter on the bread. I know, not Paleo. But I do love butter. I even used that trick to soften the butter.


One of the exercises we did today at Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey) was new to me. It’s leaning back and engaging your abs to bring you forward. We did 10 of these without the workout strap, and 10 with. Inbetween, we did a jog around the perimeter. It burned but was a pretty cool new exercise to learn.

You can’t tell from the photo, but I’m wearing of of my favorite Runyon Canyon Apparel t-shirts, the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics signature shirt from their Heritage Collection.  Even though I was wearing a bandana, I sweat a lot today and I felt it. It was a lot of the arm exercises that did it. Whew, Elizabeth worked us out hard today!


I had a spinach salad today, but topped it with fake crab meat. When I bought it, it was on sale and I thought it wouldn’t be bad for me because it’s fish. However, it’s super-processed and not the best thing to eat. After reading about it online (unfortunately after the fact), I learned it has a lot of sodium, sugar and MSG in it, and I’m feeling the awful effects of it right now. Needless to say, I’ll be tossing it out and don’t plan on eating it again. That’s another reason why I don’t like to buy sushi from a grocery store – they use the fake crab meat a lot.

Aria’s Bang trim

We had her 9th(?) bang trim today. Aria has been going to our hair stylist and friend Juliana at Helmet Salon since her first bang trim. I tried to save time by cutting it myself once or twice, and learned from my mistake. First of all, she won’t stay still, so when I cut it myself it’s crooked. And second, her bangs are so thick, it’s not a quick and easy job. Juliana does a fantastic job, and is amazing at what she does. Aria really likes her too 🙂


Dinner was leftovers from yesterday and Day 24. Paleo teriyaki marinated chicken and broccoli, and yesterday’s scalloped notatoes. Still yummy heated up the next day!





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