Day 35 – Final Day of Fitness Challenge and Progress Photo


GOAL MET! I’m happy to announce I reached my goal of losing 2 inches in my waist in 5 weeks! Melinda and Elizabeth of Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey), helped me come up with a realistic goal within the time frame I wanted to work with. I showed up, and they trained me. I also started eating healthier, and took on the Paleo way of eating, which is mostly meat and vegetables. I’ll write more about my thoughts on the diet, but I am extremely happy with my results!


I didn’t have time to make anything for breakfast, and I had a lot of cantaloupe to eat, so I ate that.


We did the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS today aftert class!


I went to the weekly Playdate at Carlson Park today, so I ate when i got home. Ate a bunch of leftovers and stuff in the fridge. Had the leftover cauliflower mash, small red peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

I also had leftover steak taco with Paleo tortilla from Day 34.


Dinner was more leftovers. Brussels sprouts and meatballs from the freezer.


My friend Elaine is in town and is staying with me. Tonight, her boyfriend watched the kids so her and I could go out. It was so nice to sit AT the bar and have a drink and relax. Nice way to celebrate my birthday and the end of my Personal Fitness Challenge!

Thank you

A huge thank you to my husband, for doing the Paleo Diet with me. His support in this effort really made it easier to stick to what I said I would do, and in turn gave us both a chance to explore the new and different vegetables we would never have known about if we continued eating the way we had.

Thank you to Melinda and ElizabethBaby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey) trainers and sponsors for my Personal Fitness Challenge. They worked me out hard from the beginning and knew this was really important to me. Working out with them and the other wonderful moms I met and got to know created a place I look forward to going to, and I am truly thankful for their friendship, training, and support.

Thank you to my fellow Baby Boot Camp moms for cheering me on, and for being who you are. I could not have met a more wonderful group of women who I can laugh and sweat with.

Thank you to my workout wear sponsor, Runyon Canyon Apparel –  your clothes not only look good, but they are functional and have fantastic wicking properties. When I wear your clothes, it helps me feel confident in my fitness efforts and gives me a reason to work harder.

Thank you to my Facebook fans, subscribers, and readers. You are the ones I am accountable to, and if it wasn’t for you, I would not have been as strict on myself as I have been. I appreciate the encouraging words, compliments, and likes.

Completing this challenge and reaching my goal gives me the confidence and hope that I can just about anything! Thank you for helping this mommy get from “FLAB TO FIT”!