Days 13 and 14

Day 13


I really needed to finish up the Asian meatballs, so I had them for breakfast alongside a fried egg, and the rest of the banana my daughter didn’t eat.


Workout with Baby Boot Camp at Helms Bakery! I love seeing my workout friends and their kids. I love the friendships i’ve made through Baby Boot Camp. Did you know that the trainers Melinda and Elizabeth met and became friends when they took Baby Boot Camp when their kids were babies?! Just goes to show, there are plenty of opportunities for new friendships at any age and the common thread of babies and fitness gets you two things in common.


These wings were leftover from Day 11. I think it actually tasted better as leftovers, probably because the flavors had time to meld together. I threw on some (ok, a lot of) red onions, and ate it with an avocado. It had a Peruvian chicken flare to it, which I was pleasantly surprised by.


You can’t see it, because it’s buried under the lettuce leaf, but there is a large portobello mushroom under there. The burger has yams and onions mixed in. The original idea was to have a “bun” made out of two portobello mushrooms, but they were so huge, it would have been a challenge to bite. It was still tasty.

Day 14


I threw together this not-so-attractive omelette of chicken and onion for breakfast. Protein!


We did Tabata training today at Baby Boot Camp class, which is high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T). We also did other strength training exercises and jogged. I never heard about Tabata before today. It’s really interesting, and it coincided with the NPR story I heard today about the benefits of interval training for controlling blood sugar. The board shows the exercises we did. Trainers Melinda and Elizabeth introduce us to a wide variety of exercises for each session, so class stays interesting and challenging!


This is a repeat of last night’s dinner.


Dinner was stuffed red peppers. I usually make them with rice, cheese, and breadcrumbs, but since I’m trying to eat healthy and Paleo, I omitted them. I just used ground sirloin (I bought the steaks and had the butcher grind the meat for me), tomato sauce, tomato paste, and roasted tomatoes from a can. I like the taste of red peppers more than I like green peppers, so I’m glad they were on sale at Vons this week (at $1 each).


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