Days 23 and 24 of Personal Fitness Challenge and the weekend


We had a good weekend. Although we had nothing planned, our weekends still feel busy. The good thing about the weekends is that my husband can take care of Aria while I cook, and I can have a little break here and there. My husband has been working a lot, so he hasn’t had time to workout. However, he has been following the Paleo way of eating with me, and to this date, has LOST 10 POUNDS! My goal isn’t pounds, but inches. However, I have lost 5 pounds. I haven’t been this weight since I started college. Before I got pregnant, I was always trying to lose “those five pounds” but never achieved it – mostly because I couldn’t stick to a fitness and diet routine for too long. Drinking and eating out would always “get in the way,” which goes to show I just wasn’t disciplined. When I found out I was pregnant, that was a true test of discipline. Almost ten months of abstaining from several things showed me that I had the willpower, I just wasn’t using it.

My husband told me the other day we are over budget for groceries. I felt that one coming, because eating healthy is not cheap. I need to learn how to budget this mostly meat-eating lifestyle and read articles such as this one (I just Googled).

Day 23


Breakfast was scrambled egg, red peppers, and bacon. Pre-workout protein!


Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) at Helms Bakery District.  We worked out our legs, abs, and glutes a lot today. A lot of lunges and variations of lunges, suicides, crunches and variations of crunches. Very good and hard workout today! My husband didn’t make it, but my daughter Aria still joined me.


Leftovers = salad. Chicken salad from yesterday over spinach, with avocado, olives, red onions, tomato, and hard boiled egg.


More leftovers explains this weird looking meal. I had meatballs in my freezer, as well as some butternut squash. I heated those up, along with some spaghetti sauce and threw some spinach in.

Day 24


I didn’t have plans to workout this morning, so I didn’t get in front of the stove. My daughter and I ate a banana and some cherries. Lazy Sunday.

Griffith Park

We went to Griffith Park today on a whim. I wish I lived closer to this park, because there is so much to do and see! Today, we took our daughter Aria on the carousel for the first time. My husband actually took her, and I stayed back to take photos and video. Tickets are only $2 per rider (no free rides, everyone pays no matter the age). Check their website for hours and location.



We were going to find a place to eat in Los Feliz, but decided to just eat at home. I had a few things in the freezer anyway. I heated up some Spicy Tuna Cakes and made Asian Cauliflower “rice”, both recipes from Nom Nom Paleo.


Dinner was chicken and broccoli in a Paleo teriyaki marinade recipe I got from The Paleo Partridge. The red cabbage is a Chez Panisse Braised Red Cabbage recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. I really liked the cabbage and am glad there are leftovers!


Tonight, I did a workout at home after giving the baby a bath. The workout was one that Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) Trainers Melinda and Elizabeth sent for what to do on one of the days we don’t have class:

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest in-between exercises. Repeat 3x
Disclaimer: I only did 2x because it was dark and I was getting attacked by mosquitos. I know, bad excuse but I still sweat!

  1. Biceps curl
  2. Side lunge
  3. Shoulder Shrug
  4. Burpees
  5. Calf raises – up and down on toes
  6. Lat pull-down (w/ band) – pull band down to chest
  7. Triceps dip – on floor
  8. Punch jacks – hands near chest, punch up when jumping legs out
  9. Plank
  10. Bridge
  11. Crunch – knees touch elbow, hold for 2 breaths
  12. Side plank

It’s Sunday night, after all! 🙂 Thankfully, my husband did laundry on Saturday, so I was able to wear this awesome Runyon Canyon Apparel yoga tank top again. Not only does it show off how nice my shoulders have gotten, but it wicks the sweat really well! I love social media – I learn so much about my interests just by hashtagging. I just posted this pic on my Instagram feed, and this user PINKGALS liked it. I clicked on her link and it’s a gallery full of yoga poses! Very impressive ones at that. I started following her and am inspired!

Tomorrow is day 25! Only TEN DAYS TO GO!