Days 27 and 28

Day 27


I did not keep track of anything this day until dinner. I was busy all day – In the morning I picked up my friend Kimberly so she could watch Aria while I checked out a daycare. Then, we ran an errand and had lunch. Put Aria down for her nap, did some stuff on the computer, then worked out at home using the following Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey) “homework”:

5 Minutes (1 minute each exercise):

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. High Knees
  3. Butt Kickers
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. High Knees

4 Minutes (1 minute each exercise):

  1. Squats
  2. Wall Sit
  3. Jump Squats
  4. Wall Sit

3 Minutes (15 each, repeat for 3 minutes):

  1. Triceps Dips
  2. Push-ups
  3. Rows with band

2 Minutes

  1. Walking Lunges

1 Minute

  1. Plank

Repeat workout 2x!! Have fun and drink plenty of water!!!

Here is the image I posted on my Instagram feed:


I prepped the food the day before (marinated the meat and chopped the veggies), and thankfully Kimberly cooked dinner while I worked out. She even cleaned too. I’m so happy she was able to help me out yesterday. I was happy to help her out too, as she is going on an exciting school trip to the Galapagos Islands in January and every bit helps. Dinner was chicken drumettes with damn fine chicken marinade and warm brussels sprouts slaw with Asian citrus dressing, both from Nom Nom Paleo. It was delicious!

Day 28


Back to a regular schedule, and back to basics. Scrambled eggs and bacon.


Feeling a good stretch after Tabata exercises. Wearing a hot pink Runyon Canyon Apparel yoga tank.

Birthday Party at the Park

We attended a birthday party at the park today, of a little girl we know from the Nanny’s playgroup at Carlson park! They had a live version of Doc McStuffins, a cartoon character from Disney Jr. She was hired through Party Princess Productions. She led the kids with some games, did face painting, and posed for pictures. There was a piñata which turned out to be a challenge to break. It was fun to watch, and when it did break, there were some really cool prizes. They did a great job with the party, and we were happy to be guests.


Since my diet is still restricted, I just ate when I got home. I made some asparagus and proscuitto and had the leftover cabbage from Day 24.


I am a fan of cauliflower now because of this diet. I would never think of eating it before, and now I realize how versatile it is! Dinner was another Nom Nom Paleo recipe – garlic cauliflower “mashed potatoes”. I actually made this on Sunday and stuck it in the freezer. All I had to do today was stick it in the microwave. Roasted asparagus is easy, and so was the Chinese style steamed fish. No recipe for this, it was something my friend told me how to make. I’ve made it in the past with soy sauce and vegetable oil, but this time I substituted those items with coconut aminos, Red Boat fish sauce, and olive and coconut oil so it was Paleo-friendly.

Ok it’s late. Way past my bedtime!