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Days 30 and 31 The Weekend

Day 30

The night before, my friend Nancy was able to watch Aria so my husband and I could go to a (his, but our) friend’s birthday party. I haven’t seen this guy in two years, and he happens to be really good friends with a new mom friend of mine I met while taking class at Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey). Small world! The party was at an amazing house in Venice and there was a really good spread of food and alcohol, most which we could not eat since we are still doing the Paleo Diet. It would have been so easy to make an exception for the party, but that’s what I kept on doing before. I’m really happy my husband is doing this with me because it’s helping me stick to my guns in this personal fitness challenge. Nevertheless, we still had fun catching up with friends and enjoying our night out.


I was too busy in the morning doing things, I didn’t have time to cook. Something is better than nothing, so what I had that morning was just a banana.


Saturdays are family days at Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey), which means partners are welcome to attend. My husband worked out with us, and thought it was a tough workout. It was tough! Elizabeth put us through a progression of exercises. It was intense, with a lot of squats, lunges, push-ups, and ab-work.

Back To School

The kids are going back to school on Monday. We will miss them, and enjoyed having them around for the summer. They all played really well with Aria. Here is a pic of some of the kids on Saturday.


Lunch was a bunch of leftovers – cabbage and brussels sprouts. Stuffed red peppers were from the freezer, which I originally made on Day 14. My husband said it looked very “Scandinavian.”


Earlier that day, I threw some ribs in the slow cooker. I got the recipe from Men’s Fitness. Thankfully, it was an easy recipe I didn’t have to work too hard prepping. We had a side of zucchini with pesto and heirloom tomatoes, and topped it off with the hatch chili salsa my husband made. Yum!

Day 31


Scrambled egg, hatch chili salsa, and Paleo Bread. I’m still eating regular butter, but at least it’s Irish butter!

Fiesta La Ballona

We went to Fiesta La Ballona today. It’s crazy to think that when we came here last year with Aria, she could barely do anything. Today, she rode a pony, and went to the petting farm.

Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey) had a booth there, and I hung out with them for a little bit. It was really cool to meet some moms who were interested in trying it out. I had no idea this exercise program existed until my friend from one of my Mommy groups told me about it! You definitely learn the best things about parenting through word of mouth. I ran into a lot of friends there today, and it was really nice feeling like a part of the community.


We found a Paleo Bowl at the food truck called Green Truck. Thankfully, it was marketed as “Paleo” because we had a hard time trying to decide if anything else at the fair was Paleo. It was pretty good.


I made salmon steaks, roasted asparagus, and mashed cauliflower for dinner. I love asparagus!


I worked out at home tonight for about 45 minutes. Didn’t do it outside because mosquitos have been attacking me lately. Workout with my 5 pound weights. Worked out arms, abs, and did some squats and wall-sits and a plank. Still sweat, and wore my cute Runyon Canyon Apparel bright pink shorts!



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