DesignerCon 2016


Today, I attended DesignerCon in Pasadena. It was my first-ever visit, but won’t be my last. I first heard about this convention a few years ago from my sister, Emily English, author of the newly released novel Uniting The Heavens. She introduced me to the artwork of many cool artists such as Pascal Campion and Brian Kessinger, and has excellent taste. I’m so happy I finally had the chance to attend, because I discovered even more awesome artists and art, which in turn, inspires me to pick up my sketchbook again.

I brought my three-year old daughter to the event, and we attended with friends who also have kids (a five year old and a 16-year old). Everyone had a great time, and we all left with a lighter wallets, but smiling faces.

The event takes place over two days (this year, November 19th and 20th), showcased 350 vendors, and over 150 artists. I didn’t have a chance to take a good look at everything, but here are a few of my favorites. (see more pics on my instagram feed @westsidemommy)

Paul Frank


Paul Frank was present to sign purchased art over $20! There were some limited edition keychains, cool wallets, and more! I took a pic of the kids at the Paul Frank photobooth. There were cool character statues of Julius, Clancy, and a raccoon whose name I do not know.

Vuduberi Art by Patara


I fell in love with the artwork from Vuduberi Art by Patara. Patara is an extremely talented artist who was recently in Denmark. I bought a few prints, some for gifts, some for myself. Her imagery really appeals to me.

Mauricio Abril


Mauricio Abril is a very clever artist. I love the way his style of storytelling and art. I really enjoy his humorous superhero-child themed illustrations. This print is one of my favorites, and perfect for those who work with green screens in Hollywood.

Bored Inc.

Really cute (kawaii) designs that will make you laugh and smile!

Inga Lena – Absurdery


Inga Lena creates oddly cute and creative sculptures from her wild imagination. I am drawn to them and feel they have a steampunk-circus vibe.




DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel and so much more with urban, underground and pop art! We are a celebration of all aspects from the world of design.





Disclaimer: Westside Mommy did not receive compensation for this post. I received a press pass in order to facilitate this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


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