Egg Hunt at Veteran’s Park – Review

Today, we went to the Annual Spring Egg Hunt at Veteran’s Park in Culver City. I’m so glad we went with friends and had plans to hang out with them afterwards, otherwise the event would’ve been a bust. It was our first year attending, so I had no idea what to expect.

The field was sectioned off in three parts for different age groups: walking to two years, three to five years, and six to ten years. Colorful plastic eggs scattered the field in plain view. As soon as the hunt started,  at 10 AM sharp, the people in the front of the line plowed through the eggs, leaving nothing for those behind. We were in the youngest group so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the kids who scooped up all the eggs. Luckily, we managed to get ONE egg. Sadly, we had to resort to using the same egg a few times for out daughter to “find.” Thankfully, our daughter is so young she doesn’t care.

There were two costumed bunny photo booths and oddly, a costumed “Olaf” from Frozen. After the hunt, the kids played a little with provided hula hoops. They had more fun at the playground, and even more fun playing at our friend’s house where we had lunch and dessert.

The Egg Hunt would have been so much better if they didn’t allow parents pick up the eggs for the kids,  and instead make all the adults step back behind a fence or something. Don’t think I’ll do this egg hunt again next year unless they make some changes.

Overall, I’m we went because we had a good time with our friends.

Meeting Mr. Bunny before the Egg Hunt was a lot better than afterwards at the photo booth


We “found” one egg
There were hula hoops for the kids to play with afterwards.

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