Happy Place at LA LIVE April 26th-May 27th

Today, I attended a special media preview of HAPPY PLACE at their new location at L.A. LIVE. Opening to the public April 26th, and running until May 27th, this re-vamp of the original exhibit’s DTLA Arts District location is essentially the same, but with a few (cool and new) changes.

First off, visit with friends! It’s a much happier place when you can share fun moments and snaps with your buds. My friend Aya (twolittlenomnoms.com) joined me today, which made it a lot more fun and easier to take pics.

It’s easier to walk through

The first location took up a lot of square footage, which made it hard on the feet. The new location is on the top floor of the West Garage at L.A. Live. It’s in a large tent, and the walk between exhibits is less tedious. I wore heels, which, thankfully, didn’t kill my feet.

You can sit in the shoe

OMG Shoes.

These green things

Palm tree snakes?

A newer birthday room

Happy Birthday room has two ballon posts on each side

Mystery Song

Press the button and a random song will play, converting the room into a club!

Off The Chain -new selfie room

my boomerang colors got messed up, so I’m using their image:

I’d Rather Be Shiny – new selfie room

Treats await you

Click here to see images from my previous post about HAPPY PLACE (which contains a lot of the same installations you will find at the new location).

Happy Place

Happy Place re-opens at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles April 26th. It runs until May 27th. Happy Place is filled with smiles, laughs, one of a kind installations, and a whole lot of moments you don’t want to miss!


Purchase tickets: www.happyplace.me/tickets


This post has been revised to fix a type error which previously indicated it runs until May 7th. It has been corrected to indicate it runs until May 27th.

Disclaimer: I attended as a member of the media and attended a preview day. All opinions are my own.