Four reasons why you should exercise with your children

Downward Dog
Downward Dog

When I had my baby, I wondered how I was ever going to make it to the gym again. I wasn’t a “gym rat,” but I went on occasion and liked to keep my options open. Then, I did some research online and learned about classes for parents of young children! First, I tried out the yoga studio where I took prenatal yoga classes. There, I saw moms with children of all ages, including a two-year old who amazed me with his knowledge of yoga poses. “There is no way my child will do that,” I thought, looking down at my then-four month old. I tried two classes, but didn’t continue because the class time didn’t work out for us (12:30pm). Then, I discovered Baby Boot Camp. Fast forward to now, and my almost 3-year-old is amazing me with her interest in exercise. I never thought my child would get to this point, because after she became mobile, my workouts involved chasing her back to home base (to her it was a game). She knows more about exercise than I ever did at her age, and I am one proud mom!

Here are 4 benefits to working out with your kid(s):

They see exercise as a part of life

When you make exercise a part of your life, they will make it a part of theirs too. When you have a routine and get them involved, it will motivate them to stay active later in life and will help prepare them for team sports. Starting a routine isn’t always easy. That’s where classes come in. Committing to a kid-friendly program such as Baby Boot Camp will help you be accountable and will create a circle of fit mom friends which will motivate you to go.

They learn how to count

Getting your kid involved with your workouts is fun and when they learn how to count, they will enjoy the “coach” role. My daughter isn’t great at counting yet, but she is getting there. It’s motivating and hilarious to hear her count my push-ups, especially when I’m struggling.

Exercise improves motor skills and coordination

I am a helicopter parent when it comes to playground equipment. The facts on the CDC website on playground injuries are terrifying. I don’t want to stop my child from enjoying playgrounds, but if her body is conditioned, I am hoping it will lessen her chances of getting injured. Exercise improves motor skills and coordination, which will help with conditioning.

Less chance of childhood obesity

According to the CDC website, “approximately 17% (or 12.7 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years  are obese.” That statistic shocked me because it includes children as young as two. Habits start early, so the sooner they learn good habits such as exercise, the better their chances are of not being a statistic.

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