Father’s Day Hike


I distinctly remember the last time I went on a hike because two days later, my daughter was born. For Father’s Day this year, my husband wanted us all to go on a hike together. Even though we have the Ergo Carrier, which can be used as a back carrier, he wanted to get the kind with the metal frame that is meant for hiking. Father’s day gift solved. Since it was too late to find one on Amazon, I just called REI in Santa Monica (our closest REI) to see if they had anything in stock. I bought the Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier. It is surprisingly light, and has a sunshade (very important because my daughter does not like wearing hats).

I looked up an easy, short and close in proximity trail from the link on my Fitness Friday post on hiking, and chose Franklin Canyon Park. I had no idea this park existed! It’s just so close to West L.A. – it’s north of Beverly Hills and near Coldwater Canyon Park (another place I need to check out). Since it was our first time hiking with Aria, we didn’t want to hike for too long. We hiked Discovery Trail and part of Hastain Trail. Next time, I want to hike Hastain Trail the whole way because it has some really beautiful views.

Aria didn’t complain about being in the carrier, and my husband didn’t complain about the weight. It was very convenient and has several storage and pocket areas, including a place for a water bladder. Looks like more hikes are on the horizon for family outings!

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