Fitness Challenge: Day 1 / and Summary of Fitness Challenge

5-Week Fitness Challenge

Current Photo

I was so reluctant to post this, but I suppose that's what I have to do for accountability.
I was so reluctant to post this, but I suppose that’s what I have to do for accountability. I have to keep telling myself that every photo after this will be better! I’m wearing a Speedo bathing suit bottom, an Under Armour Sports bra, and on the right photo, a Diane Von Furstenburg dress I paid a lot of money for and would like to wear again without having to resort to Spanx

It’s day ONE. After I took the photos, I thought, “Why did I announce I would do this?” I really wanted to get out of it from sheer embarrassment. When I tell friends about the fitness challenge, they say “Why? You lost the baby weight! You look great!” I thank them for the compliment, but even though I lost the baby weight, I didn’t get back into pre-baby SHAPE. Yes, my arms are the most fit they have ever been, from carrying my baby all the time, but the rest of me is far from where I want it to be. For me, it’s PERSONAL. I see myself (naked) every day. Some days I’m ok with it, and other days I’m not. When I am sitting at a stoplight, I look down and pinch the roll of fat and and get disappointed with myself. Am I being nostalgic by hoping for my body back? Maybe. But I don’t want to complain about it for the rest of my life without having tried. I used to say, “Oh, so-and-so celebrity lost their baby weight and look good now because they have the money to hire trainers and personal chefs.” Now I realize, it’s not about the money, it’s about the WILLPOWER and HARD WORK. Beyonce’s post-baby body from her hard work is certainly an inspiration!

I was in one of the best shapes of my life right before I got pregnant. I was exercising and training for 3 months to look good for my wedding celebration, which was two months before I got pregnant. Maybe Kim Kardashian West had the right idea planning a wedding AFTER having the baby. It gave her a goal to look good and lose weight for her wedding, and she achieved it with flying colors!


The area I want to lose inches in is my waist. I’m currently at 28.5 inches. My goal is 26.5! I’m fine with my current weight, which fluctuates between 105 and 108 pounds. When I first lost all the weight (and then some), I rested on my laurels. That led to me eating whatever I wanted and becoming lazy to work out because I thought I could. What it did was make my muscles lazy and body flabby.

Today’s Workout

Exercised with Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) at Helms Bakery

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Today’s Meals

S.M.A.R.T Goals

S – Specific (make your goal specific)

Who: Me, myself, and I, working with trainers Melinda and Elizabeth from Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey)

What: A personal fitness challenge to get myself in shape, exercise regularly, and eat healthier

Where: at Baby Boot Camp Class, at home, and other planned or sponsored workouts

When: For 5 weeks, starting July 25, 2014, and ending August 29, 2014

Which: Requirements – no ice cream, cake, alcohol, or complaining and to loosely follow the Paleo Diet (with the exception of August 27th, which is my birthday, when I will allow myself to have ice cream, cake, and alcohol – but no complaining!)

Why: I lost the “baby weight” but feel flabby and want to firm up my body in the spots that have stretched from pregnancy. Yes, I’d like to get rid of the “muffin top”

M – Measurable (it needs to be easy to determine if you accomplished your goal)

The Exercise Plan

Workout with Baby Boot Camp at LEAST 3x a week

Workout doing another activity (whether sponsored or on my own) on alternate days

Lose 2 inches in my waist and see some muscle definition

A – Achievable (needs to be attainable)

The Meal Plan

Eat 3 healthy meals a day 

R – Relevant (need to be important to you)

It’s important to me to feel good about myself, not only how I look but how I feel. I’d like to see if I can use exercise as a way to relieve stress, combat depression and anxiety, and relieve back pain, as many studies have shown.

T – Time-Bound (specify a time frame for completing)

For 5 weeks, starting July 25, 2014, and ending August 29, 2014. My birthday is on August 27 and I thought that would be a good time frame to strive for. Hopefully, I will make a habit out of it, and live a healthier, happier life because of it!


I plan on blogging about my Personal Fitness Challenge. I will post my progress on every Friday, and on Twitter,  Instagram, and Facebook daily. Since eating right is a big part of losing the weight, I’ll post my meals as well.

Relevant Links

Fitness challenge announcement

Workouts Sponsored by: Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey)



I am a new mom to a baby girl. I live in West Los Angeles. This blog is about my experiences as a new mom and navigating my way through kid-friendly L.A.

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  1. I meant to tell you today, that yes, I’m one of those folks who think that you look fine, but as you point out, YOU aren’t happy with how you look/feel at the moment. And that’s what is most important. So good luck with your challenge and let me know what I can do to support you towards your goal.

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