Fitness Friday: Is there a timeframe for losing the baby weight?

It’s Fitness Friday!  Melinda and Elizabeth of Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) offer some advice on working out post-partum:

Q. A friend of mine told me if you don’t lose the “baby weight” within two years after giving birth, it will be more difficult to lose, even if you work out just as hard. What are your thoughts?


We have not found any evidence to support that not loosing the “baby weight” within two years will make it more difficult to lose the weight later. Healthy lifestyle choices during and after pregnancy plays a big part in postpartum weight retention.  Women that are able to stay active during their pregnancy are more likely to return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster. However, change can occur at anytime, although it does take commitment.

 The most important thing to do is to start an exercise routine and stick with it. It’s never too late to start!  Exercising with like-minded people help you to be accountable, and less likely to stop. Also, making smart eating habits will aid in the success of loosing that weight.

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