Fitness Friday! MOLO Week 2

This week was Week 2 of The Mother Love Fitness Challenge with Baby Boot Camp (MOLO)! Last week, I was pretty good about sticking to the daily goals. This week, I did not do as well. My toddler transitioned out of her crib at the end of last week, so this week it was pretty difficult to get her to nap. She didn’t nap for three days straight, and it was driving me nuts. Needless to say, my patience was thin, so I did not participate in all the MOLO challenges. Here is what my week looked like:

Week 2: Glute Bridge


Sunday, I ran a 5K in Brentwood at the Home Run For Kids, which benefits Upward Bound House. Melinda, one of the Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) trainers, ran it with me (and finished under 30 minutes!). I was so happy to have company. At 35 minutes and 19 seconds, I beat my previous 5K time by 3 minutes and 10 seconds! One of my goals at the end of the 12 weeks of MOLO  is to run a 5K in 30 minutes. I need to shave some time off, so hopefully I can do it!

MOLO assignment: Plan your workouts for the week and put them in your calendar. Prepare your outfit the night before a scheduled workout.

I planned my workouts for the week. I did not get to the home workouts, but I did make it to Baby Boot Camp class on the days I said I would go (Monday and Friday).  As far as my outfit, I usually wear a t-shirt from Runyon Canon Apparel and some shorts.


Monday, I went to Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) class. It was a good class, and I was happy to see my friends and some new faces!

MOLO assignment: Today, don’t eat anything with any form of added sugar or sugar substitute (fructose, saccharin, agave, stevia, honey, etc.) Read your labels!

I could not do this assignment. It was my husband’s birthday. Bad excuse, I know!


Tuesday was day two of my daughter not napping. It was a tough day. I did not work out at home as I planned, and was drained mentally and physically.

MOLO assignment: Make a family favorite meal tonight and put a healthy twist on it; lettuce wraps for taco shells, lentils instead of ground beef, etc. Share your twist on our MOLO FB page!

I did not participate in this assignment, but I have tried this healthy twist during my personal fitness challenge, when I put myself on the Paleo Diet. These were my favorite substitutes:

Paleo Tortillas

Cauliflower Mash


I designated Wednesday as a rest day. I also have Mom’s Group on Wednesdays.

MOLO assignment: Before bed, do a glute bridge and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 2x.

I was able to do this! I felt guilty about not doing the other assignments, so I did four glute bridges!


Thursday, I was supposed to work out at home, but I didn’t. My friend Nancy and I (with my daughter) went to breakfast. She wanted to check out this restaurant in the Silverlake area known for toast and jam called Sqrl. It was the most delicious toast and jam I’ve ever had! Yes, I know it’s an indulgence and not healthy!

MOLO assignment: Drink an extra glass of water today. Ensure you are drinking 1⁄2 your body weight in water on days you don’t work out – more on days that you do!

I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should have, so this was a great reminder to do so! I love my Nalgene Water Bottle because it helps me keep track of the amount I’m drinking!


Today, I went to Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) class. It was so warm and sunny out, but we powered through the heat!

MOLO assignment: Set a SMART goal & post on our MOLO FB page. Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic Time-Specific

My SMART goal is to do 10 push-ups before bed each night for the duration of MOLO


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I’m so glad there isn’t a food challenge for this day. 🙂

MOLO assignment: Prepare for next week by writing up a menu and grocery list today, making sure to incorporate plenty of fresh fruits & veggies

I need to get better at meal planning. This Saturday, I hope to have a list!