Fitness Friday

It’s Fitness Friday!  We all fall into routine. It’s great to know what to expect, but sometimes that can get boring. How do we know we are actually getting a workout instead of just going through the motions? Melinda and Elizabeth of Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) answer this week’s question:

Q. Is it better to be consistent with a workout routine or change it up?


The body will plateau when performing the same workout routine over and over. Once the tissues in the muscles have broken down and repaired themselves, the repetition of the same exercises will lead to the body expelling less energy. By altering the routine, you will continue to challenge the body in new ways while burning more calories. This can result in more successful weight loss while avoiding repetition and boredom. Studies have shown that many people will quit their workout routine due to boredom. One can change the intensity of the workout or the type of workout as a way to add variety and challenge the body. Also, it burns more calories when you switch between cardio and strength training during a workout. Don’t forget that the heart is a muscle and bringing the heart rate up and down throughout a workout will strengthen the heart. It is not necessary to change your workout everyday, however, if you change your routine once every two weeks you may see better results than if you maintain your regular routine unaltered.

Here are some ways to change up your routines:

  • While running add some sprints
  • Instead if doing basic bicep curls, try wide biceps or hammer curls
  • Switch high rows to low rows
  • Side planks instead of front planks

– Melinda and Elizabeth

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