My Fun-Filled Weekend

As a stay-at-home (SAH) Mom, I rarely notice the difference between the weekend and a weekday.  This weekend was an exception.  My husband surprised me Friday night with a Valentine’s Day dinner at Fogo De Chão, while my wonderful Aunt watched the baby.  I used to go to restaurants all the time, but now being served is a luxury.  I knew we were going out to eat, but I didn’t know where. I had a clue of where we were going when my husband told me to “wear something comfortable, that you can move around in.”  Normally, I’m not a fan of buffets / all you can eat (AYCE) places, but I make exceptions for churrascarias and Korean BBQ.  My last clothing purchase was lazy pants at Target.  Really thought about wearing them (ok not really), but went with a black mini-skirt and semi-flowy shirt.   I’ve been to a few churrascarias before, but none as good as Fogo De Chão. If you haven’t been to a churrascaria before, they give you a device (here, it was a heart-shaped card) with red on one side for “stop,” and green on the other side for “go.”  You use that to let the meat servers know to come to you or not.  Luckily we had reservations, because the line was out the door.  I barely got anything at the salad bar because this fatty wanted to make sure I had enough room in my stomach for the main event – the meat.   I tried a bit of almost every meat offered.  My favorite was the beef ancho (rib eye), with the fraldinha (bottom sirloin) coming in a close second.  Honestly, it’s pretty difficult to choose a favorite because they were all so darn tasty!  I really couldn’t skip my plans to work out the next day (Baby Boot Camp) after the feast I had.

Saturday, after my workout, we attended a friend’s baby’s first birthday party.  It was my baby’s first invitation to a birthday party of a friend whose mom I befriended from a mom group.  And so begins my baby’s social calendar, and a renewal of mine, filled with new friends!  The party was held in a spacious backyard. There was a taco guy with a station set-up with three different types of tasty meat and yummy bacon-wrapped hot dogs (which my friend provided to the taco guy because it wasn’t part of their offerings).  God, I love L.A.!  I don’t think it would be as easy to find taco catering anywhere else.  For the kids, there was a pirate-themed bounce house shaped like a boat with a cannon and a slide.  My daughter loved the bounce boat.  There’s nothing like seeing a smile of excitement on your child’s face.  She slept like a champ for her nap, and was out like a light at bedtime.   

So excited!

So excited in the bounce boat

Now that she is more mobile, I need to find more things to keep her entertained.  I also want her to sleep well at night.  So today, Sunday, I took her to Aidan’s Place at Westwood Park.  I had seen this park before, but it was my first time taking my daughter there.  It’s a fully accessible disabled children’s playground, built by Shane’s Inspiration for the enjoyment of all.  I love how there is padding on the ground and several different play areas.  I think my daughter liked the sand box area the most.  Next time, I’ll check out the one at Stoner Park.  I’m so glad these great parks are nearby, because I see myself becoming a regular visitor.  

Tomorrow, I think I’ll relax and check out some President’s Day sales.

rhino rocker

rhino rocker at Aidan’s Place

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