Great for any mother: Confident Mom brand T-shirts

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“Confident Mom” brand Shirts are the perfect Mother’s Day Gift

A couple days ago, LinkedIn added a new category for Stay at Home Parents, which allows you to fill in the “gaps” on your resume between employed work. I am in full agreement on this because parenting is difficult and usually isolating work: no real breaks, and constantly “on-call.”

As a parent, I learned more about time management, strategic decision making, multi-tasking, and maintaining composure with interpersonal relationships than any profession or environment in the past. It’s hard work, but like most life-changing experiences, it changed me into a much better person than I was before. I am thankful for my “mom friends” who I can text at a moment’s notice to seek advice or just vent.

There are countless professions where the skills gained during motherhood is applicable. The ones on this shirt merely list a few. This design will certainly nod a few heads in your direction.

Available on Amazon in a variety of t-shirt styles, from Confident Mom. click to view on Amazon.

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Mother’s Multiple Jobs Tank Top

Mother’s Multiple Jobs v-neck T-shirt

Mother’s Multiple Jobs T-shirt

Mother’s Multiple Jobs Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

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