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I ran the Kickin’ Cancer 5K today!

Since my fitness challenge ended, I needed another goal to keep myself motivated. A mom from one of my Mom groups works for the Lynne Cohen Foundation and invited the moms in the group to run the Kickin’ Cancer 5K in Brentwood. I ran it today. It also reached a high of 96 degrees today. I guess “running” isn’t the best word to describe my pace, because I jogged and walked it. My friend Gabby, who inspired me to do my fitness challengealso participated. I told her to go at her own pace, because I would probably trail behind.

Running is challenging for me, and that’s one of the reasons why I did it. When I ran the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon in 2009, I injured myself in the last half mile. I spent the next few years trying to lessen the knee and hip pain by going to chiropractors and doing physical therapy. Little did I know then that what would ultimately help me with the pain was exercise. Training with Baby Boot Camp really helped a lot with that.

Even though my pace isn’t great (moms with strollers and seniors were passing me), I looked good in my running attire from Runyon Canyon Apparel. My goal isn’t to be fast. It’s to finish. And I did, at 38 minutes and 25 seconds!

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