LA DanceFit Adult Dance Team Rehearsal Update

So far, I’ve attended 5 dance team rehearsals, and am having a great time. Our instructor/choreographer, and co-owner of LA DanceFit Wil-son Williams (@WILTODANCE) has been providing us with practice videos so we get our moves right, and also to reference in case we miss a rehearsal. He’s taught us the choreography for the basis of the performance, tips and terminology for stage performance, and we are now working on formations for the rest of the song to make it look really cool!

What I learned about stage performing

Act like you know (even if you don’t)


Confidence is key!

Dance like you’re the star


Watch any performance with background dancers and you’ll notice they perform like the spotlight is on them.

Every move should be a pose


Act like a camera is going to take a photo of you with every move

Just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we don’t have moves


We aren’t wearing “mom jeans”, but we are a group made up different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. What we have in common is an interest and passion for dance, and a desire to learn something new in a group setting.

Performance Date: Sunday, May 6th

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Disclaimer: As mentioned earlier, Westside Mommy is participating in the dance team in exchange for sharing my experience. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.