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LA DanceFit Student Adult Dance Team Update & How dancing helps with memory

We’re getting closer (about a month from now) to performance day! Our costume theme is set (galaxy pattern with gold touches), our baseline choreography is in place, and what’s left is continuous rehearsal on the new formations so we are all in sync and look good! Student Adult Dance Team at LA DanceFit with Team Wil To Dance (Wil-son Williams) has been fantastic! What like most about this experience is the workout it’s giving my BRAIN. Yes, it’s great physical exercise too, but I was surprised to learn in class that dancing is 90% mental and 10% physical.

When you really think of it, dancing does take a lot of brain power. You think about how the music makes you feel; you think about how you want your body to move; your brain tells those body parts to do what it imagined; your emotions change based on how your body moves. When you add choreography, it takes it to a whole new level. With choreography in a group, you have to be aware of the space and the people around you; what direction you are facing; timing of the moves; what comes next; and always looking photo-ready.

Life can sometimes feel monotonous. That’s why many of us escape to television or the internet for some passive entertainment, a break from the norm. As much as I enjoy good television (and believe me, there are so many good shows right now), I also find enjoyment in classes and learning, especially ones that involve physical activity.

Every time Taekwondo belt testing gets closer, I study harder to learn the next form. I’m three forms in, and notice a difference in the way I train now, versus when it was just a workout, without a belt goal in sight. The same goes for dancing. I feel a change in my mental state since starting Dance Team because I’m practicing the moves in my head throughout the day, doing ordinary tasks.

There are plenty of headlines which link dance as beneficial for aging. I encourage you to check them out for yourself.

Until then, here’s info on the PERFORMANCE:

Link to tickets here

Links to check out about Dance and the Mind

Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain

A dance movement therapy group for depressed adult patients in a psychiatric outpatient clinic: effects of the treatment

Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain

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Disclaimer: Westside Mommy is participating in the dance team in exchange for sharing my experience. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.