Malibu Sands Pop-Up at Saved By the Max Diner

Saved by the Max themed Saved by the Bell restaurant in West Hollywood is entering it’s final “semester,” closing at the end of April. If you haven’t been to this Pop-Up yet, now is the time to check it out. They added a new section, called “Malibu Sands,” which features the addition of the “Malibu Sands Beach Club.” Think of it as summer vacation coming early.

It was our first visit to the Pop-Up on Friday, the first day of the “last semester.” The diner is a fun recreation of the t.v. show’s props and setting, complete with in-character staff, addressing guests as “Preppy.” Once we were seated and ordered after perusing the menu, we were encouraged to walk around and check out the Instagram-friendly stations.

The restaurant element definitely makes it a funner experience than a strictly photo pop-up. My husband doesn’t normally enjoy that type of thing joined us for this because there was food…and it was pretty tasty.

My daughter enjoyed it too, without knowing anything about the show. After all, a place with fun props you can touch, such as giant head cut-outs, pom poms, corded phones, an old school desktop computer, and stand-up video games is as fun for her as it is for me. It definitely felt like a bizarre time warp of virtual nostalgic memories.

The menu items were thematically named and fun to read, including “Preppy Pastrami,” “Kapowski’s Fried Pickles,” and the alcoholic beverage, “I’m So Excited.” For our meal, we enjoyed: AC Sliders (pork sliders), Mac & Screetch (mac and cheese), Poutine Engel (poutine), Tori’s Fried Chicken (chicken and waffles with a Korean twist), Bayside Burger, and Kevin the Robot’s Fish Tacos.

Saved by the Max will be moving on for a National Tour after it’s residency in L.A., so be sure to get your IG posts while you can!

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Disclaimer: WestsideMommy was invited to attend and dine as a member of the media in exchange for providing an honest review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.