Mental Health Prep

May is Mental Health Month. Yes, I know the month is halfway over, but between homeschooling and the days melding together, I’ve lost sense of time. Due to the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been inundated since March to be hyper-vigilant about our physical health: to frequently wash hands, wipe down surfaces, and to socially distance. Maintaining mental health is equally important. Homeschooling, layoffs, and reading devastating news are just a few of the things that can take a mental toll.

Whether it’s self care, taking a moment, or talking to someone, it all starts with acknowledging the need and taking action. Here are a few things I’m keeping in mind as state restrictions slowly lift.

Know your comfort zone

Everyone has their own idea and capacity of what makes sense to do when schools resume and parks and beaches open. Some families may continue distance learning or start homeschooling instead of sending their children to school. Others may jump on board immediately to return to “normal life.” In either case, it’s a personal preference and every family will do what is right for them.

Be transparent with others about where you’ve been

This can feel like a sensitive subject when asked, but it is a crucial one. Honesty is important, especially when health of others is at stake. Because everyone has different comfort levels in regards to the pandemic, transparency is key, which a sign of mutual respect.

Find someone to talk to

Whether it’s a friend, a therapist, your mom, and relative…it helps to talk to someone outside of your nuclear family. It also helps to find someone who shares your mindset or is completely detached (therapist).

Ask for help

Thankfully, my husband has been pitching in around the house, with the kids, and grocery shopping. I developed really bad anxiety from seeing a fight almost break out in the produce section during one grocery store trip; and on another visit, seeing a man intentionally cough on everything in his path. Needless to say, it may take awhile for me to return.

Find your Zen

A friend sent me a link to Yoga with Adriene HOME – 30 Day Yoga challenge. I let it sit in my inbox for awhile, but one day I decided to do it. It’s been a relaxing and much needed stretch to my day. I don’t get around to it as often as I would like, but I enjoy it and it helps me relax.

There are plenty of resources online for mental health help. These are just a few things that help me get through the day. I hope they help you too. Please be safe and healthy.

xo, Ruby