Milk & Eggs Food Delivery Service makes meal planning easy

The following post is sponsored by Milk & Eggs. All opinions are honest and my own. 

I love farmer’s markets, but since I am terrible at meal planning and carrying cash, I rarely make it to any. Enter Milk & Eggs (, a farm-fresh food delivery company that serves Los Angeles and Orange County. Their website is easy to use, and offers quality fresh, frozen, and packaged food. The offerings are not as vast as going to a grocery store, but intentionally limited to offer good deals on essential items (such as milk, eggs, vegetables, meat, seafood, bread). This helps a lot with meal planning, and cuts down on time spent traveling to get groceries. In L.A., cutting down on travel time is everything. I had a wonderful experience with Milk & Eggs and hope you try it out too!

An easy to navigate website

I love the clean, easy to navigate Milk & Eggs ( website. Notably, the tab for “Diets”, has a drop-down menu of some of most popular diets, making meal planning easy. And if you don’t even want to think about what to make, there are meal kits available as well – great when you are feeling extra lazy but still want to cook.

Quick Delivery

Delivery is free for purchases over $35. My order came out to a little under $50. I ordered coffee, fish, and asparagus. The delivery time is between 5:00am and 7:00am, with notifications via e-mail and/or text. When I opened the door the morning of my delivery, I saw a bright, beautiful yellow bag with the contents clearly labeled and packed on ice. What better way to start the morning than with delivered groceries?

We loved it

I never know how much food to prepare because my daughter’s appetite fluctuates. So I played it safe by ordering three 8-ounce filets of Arctic Char. It’s similar to salmon, and I ordered it because it was wild-caught. The taste is a bit milder, and the meat is a little more delicate.

My husband ended up eating an entire filet and my daughter and I split one. I ate the third one the next day, so I feel like I bought the right amount.

Paired with the asparagus tips I purchased, it was a delicious and healthy meal. Milk and Eggs gets my family’s seal of approval.

Be sure to check my Instagram feed, when I try the Jones Coffee I bought!

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Disclaimer: WestsideMommy worked on this post in collaboration with Milk and Eggs, where they provided me with complimentary groceries in exchange for sharing my experience on a post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.