Mini Camp at MNR Dance Factory

For the past couple weeks, my 4-year old daughter Aria attended MINI CAMP at MNR Dance Factory. Mini Camp is a short version of Summer Dance Camp, for younger students, 2.5 hours a day, two days a week.

Previously, Aria took ballet and tap class at our local rec center, but I made her take a little break because she had a difficult time listening and following directions. The teacher was good, but the gymnasium it took place in was large and distracting. After reading the book Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic (by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka), recommended to me by a friend, I realized environment plays a big role in the attention span of my child, as well as the manner in which she is instructed.

When I took my daughter to MNR Dance Factory, she was greeted by the friendly and helpful staff. Even though it takes a bit more time for her to warm-up to people and activities than other kids, the instructors were understanding and didn’t push her when she didn’t fully participate. I was worried she might be too much of a handful for them, but they reassured me she would be fine.

After two weeks, they performed two short routines they learned for the parents. The theme was “Moana,” and they wore costumes of colorful grass skirts over their leotards and leis. I was shocked at how much Aria improved from day one, as well as her ability to (somewhat) follow choreography. Instructors Will and Kimara are excellent, and the owner of the studio, Roni Blak, provided feedback of her progress. The environment is dance-focused, which definitely helped my kid mentally focus. Also, there are other class areas, so it’s inspiring for her to see older students with experience and grace.

MNR Dance Factory is truly a wonderful place that lives up to their motto, “Where Dancers Grow Up.”

MNR Dance Factory

MNR Dance Factory is Los Angeles’ Premiere Dance Studio for Kids/Teens. Located in the Brentwood area of West Los Angeles MNR Dance Factory instructs children of all ages as well as adults by offering a wide range of dance classes including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musical theater, aerial fabric, and aerial arts. Additionally MNR Dance Factory offers studio rentals, birthday parties, mommy and me and a wide range of apparel available in our store.

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