MOLO Fitness Goals

The Baby Boot Camp 2015 Mother Love Fitness Challenge (MOLO) started this week! I’m training with my home team, Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey). It’s a 12 week personal fitness challenge. At the launch party last week, trainers Melinda and Elizabeth took our measurements and talked about healthy eating. They provided healthy snacks and refreshments, including the new chilled line provided by sponsor ZICO premium coconut water. They also encouraged us to read the book (which I have yet to get), The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life, to help us think differently about food.

My Goals

I’m keeping my goals brief and S.M.A.R.T.

  1. Do everything on the MOLO calendar
  2. Lose 2″ in my waist
  3. Run a 5k under 30 mins
  4. Do a 5 minute plank

Week 1: Plank Week

The MOLO calendar has something for us to do every day. I am proud to say I’ve done all of them* so far! We have to post a photo or status update on the national MOLO Facebook page, which only participants have access to. It is encouraging and keeps me in check! These were our goals this week:

Sunday: Take a photo of the contents of your fridge and declare what changes you want to make.
My change – get better at meal planning! some of the other moms have that down and I’m inspired.

Monday: Start the day with water with half of a squeezed lemon. Why? Click here to find out.
I did this. Don’t know if I can make a habit out of it, but the benefits are encouraging.

Tuesday: Do a 30 minute plank on each side before bed.
This week is “plank week.” I love planking so this was no problem 🙂

Wednesday: No soda for the next 3 days
No problem! I don’t drink soda.
*I’m supposed to track my water intake, which I have not been doing.

Thursday: Skip dessert and have some tea and fruit instead.
I have such a sweet tooth! I can’t believe I decided to bake brownies on this day. Maybe I like challenges. It was definitely a test of willpower NOT to eat a freshly baked brownie. But I succeeded!

Friday: Plank-a-thon! Plank as much as you can today with a partner from the national MOLO page!
I planked a lot today in class! I still need to plank throughout the day, but I will!

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Today, I had my fitness assessment in class. This is what they tested and these are my results.

Plank: 2 minutes

High Knees: I will write this in when I get the number. I completely forgot.

Push-Ups: 10


I’m running a 5K this Sunday. It’s Home Run For Kids, a dog and kid-friendly run in Brentwood, to benefit Upward Bound House, a local non-profit focusing on ending homelessness among families with children. There’s still time to register. You can join my team, “Westside Mommy.” I’ll report my time in next Friday’s post, or you can find out on my Facebook Page or on Instagram on Sunday!