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We’re almost at the end of Week 3 of MOLO (Baby Boot Camp’s Mother Love Wellness Challenge). So far, I haven’t measured myself so I’m not sure how close I am to my S.M.A.R.T. Goals, but I am now able to wear a few pairs of “skinny jeans” I wasn’t able to wear before. Weight-wise, I lost only a few pounds, but the clothes fitting better is more important to me.

I’ve been pretty good about eating healthy breakfasts such as hard boiled eggs (thanks, Instant Pot!) and salads for lunch. For dinner, I try to make healthy decisions with the occasional “cheat.”

I know my problem in the past has been overeating after working out, and when I stopped working out for a bit, my voracious appetite remained. Therefore, as much as I exercise, I know I need to maintain healthy eating habits. If that means eating salads everyday, so be it. At least it’s one less meal I have to worry about planning!

[link: why eating right is more important than exercise for weight loss]

I haven’t been able to participate in all the daily challenges, such as giving up coffee; but other things like having a smoothie for lunch are things I’ve adopted.

I started drinking Suja juices and really enjoy their new drinking vinegars. It’s easy to grab and drink first thing in the morning. I drink half of it before my coffee, and it tastes really good. I tried making my own ice cube versions of it prior to drinking it, but their combination tastes a lot better than mine (and it’s a heck of a lot easier).

Here are a few of the MOLO daily challenges we’ve had so far:

I’ll report back in a week or so!


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