MOLO Wellness Challenge Update: Week 5


Here are the challenges for week five of Baby Boot Camp’s MOLO Wellness Challenge, and how I fared:

Remove all added sugars and sugar substitutes from your diet for the next two days

I only managed to do this challenge for ONE day. Sundays are my indulgent days, and I had a delicious doughnut. However, when I do remove added sugars from my meals, I feel better overall and have more energy. It’s tough, because I have a sweet tooth, but I’ll do it for MOLO and will try anything.

Do 5 squats each time you hear or see the word “MOLO” today. Post on our MOLO FB page your total count for the day.

I didn’t bother counting and just did 100 squats. Hopefully, that covered it!

Before bed, do 2 minutes of deep breathing. Learn the benefits meditating for just two minutes/

I set my timer for deep breathing for two minutes. At first, it was very difficult to focus on my breathing, but then one I got into it, my alarm went off! Meditating is something I often forget to do, but it’s a good head clearer.

Take a picture of your lunch or dinner plate and post it on our MOLO FB page. Own it!

My friend gave me this box of Edamame Pasta because her daughter liked it at Costco, but didn’t like it when she got home. Typical toddler! I gave it a go, and it’s not bad! The box had a recipe to eat it with pesto, which is what I should have done, but instead, I made a tomato sauce. My tomato, eggplant, and mushroom sauce (I tried to fit in a lot of veggies in this meal) was too heavy for the noodles, but it was still tasty.

Before dinner, do 10 jump squats with a family member.

My daughter is my workout buddy! She and I did our jump squats together.

If you’re craving your vice, drink 8 ounces of water and wait 15 minutes to see if you’re still craving it. We often snack unwisely when we’re dehydrated!

I craved my vice (desserts) today. I drank water (actually, tea) and told myself not to crave. Mind over matter!

Remove one processed food item from your shopping cart and replace it with a fruit or vegetable.

I’ve been eating a lot of veggies this week! I usually buy what’s on sale, so I had two artichokes, brussels sprouts, and avocados this week.

MOLO WELLNESS CHALLENGE, 5 weeks down 7 weeks to go!

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