MOLO Wellness Challenge update: Week 7


Here are the challenges from week seven of Baby Boot Camp’s MOLO Wellness Challenge, and how I fared:

Plan your workouts for the week and put them in your calendar. Prepare your outfit the night before a scheduled workout.

Workouts for the week:

  • Tuesday – TKD
  • Friday – Baby Boot Camp & TKD

My outfits are pretty consistent. I rotate 3/4 Lorna Jane tights and Runyon Canyon Apparel t-shirts.

Technology detox: choose two hours today to put your phone away and focus on spending time with your family.

This was a good challenge for me, especially as a blogger. Technology detoxes are good, and so necessary!

Inspire others! Share your favorite recipe or food blogger’s website on our MOLO FB group.

This is still my favorite recipe after discovering it last year during my Paleo diet phase:

Do 5 pushups each time you do dishes or change a diaper today.

I wish my daughter was potty trained by now! I did 50 push ups just to cover it for the day!

Research the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen to understand when to buy organic vs. conventional.

I usually buy what’s on sale, but after reading the guide, I’m going to be more conscious of when I should splurge. I also make sure to use fruit and veggie wash on all foods, even ones that are organic.

Go for a 30 minute walk today. Set an intention for your walk (ie relaxation, family time, a good workout, etc.).

I went for a 30 minute walk in Beverly Hills with my daughter. I had a doctor’s appointment, and there are a few free (for 2 hours) parking garages. I parked at the furthest one, and walked a total of 30 minutes with the stroller. I wish it was intentional, but I’m glad it worked out that way!

Focus on getting 7-8 hours of sleep for the next three nights, and rest when your baby does.

My daughter doesn’t nap much these days, so getting some “me” downtime is scarce. I put her to bed half an hour earlier than usual when she doesn’t nap, and that usually does the trick. It’s not a lot of “me” time, but a little is better than none.

MOLO WELLNESS CHALLENGE, 7 weeks down 5 weeks to go!

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