MOLO Wellness Challenge – Week 12 (Final)


Here are the daily challenges from the final week of Baby Boot Camp’s MOLO Wellness Challenge. I can’t believe MOLO is over! I don’t have the final before and after numbers for measurements and fitness challenges, but I think I improved.

Take a photo of what’s in your refrigerator & post it on our MOLO FB group. What have you changed since February?


My fridge is pretty sparse. My previous attempts of meal planning failed, so I concluded I’m just not a meal planner. Things that have changed: more cooking from scratch and less processed foods. Looking at this photo, I really need to clean the fridge.

Focus on one minute of deep breathing when you wake up and when you go to bed today. Start and end the day with positive energy.

Deep breathing has definitely helped me with life in general. Someone in the Westwood Mom’s Group mentioned the S.T.O.P. acronym for anger management. It’s helped me tremendously.

Fill your plate with half veggies at both lunch and dinner. Aim for 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables today. Try to incorporate this principle going forward.

I started eating more vegetables, which I’m very happy about. Luckily, in California, we have a lot of options, so I try to buy whatever is on sale.

Bring a friend to class day! Introduce a friend to Baby Boot Camp.

I didn’t bring a friend to class, but I do have one that’s been wanting to go. I can’t wait until she can make it to class!

Do three burpees each time you hear or see the word “burpee” today.

I did 30.

Congratulations! You did it! Your last challenge is to reward yourself with some alone time!

I’m so glad this challenge is officially over. I’m thankful for it, and will post the before and after numbers when I get them!

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