MOLO Wellness Challenge Week 9


Here are the challenges from week nine of Baby Boot Camp’s MOLO Wellness Challenge, and how I fared:

Take a 30 minute walk or bike ride with your family.

We discovered a new park. We went to El Marino Park in Culver City for a friend’s birthday party. It is enclosed by a fence, has a cute playground and nice picnic areas. We didn’t exactly go there for a walk, but the amount of time we spent hanging out and walking around equated to 30 minutes or more.

No fast food for the rest of the week!

I stopped eating fast food awhile ago. I still eat pizza, which I don’t count as fast food. 🙂

Try a new smoothie recipe.

I started making smoothie popsicles! My daughter considers them a treat, so it’s a great way to get her to eat her vegetables. I always try to throw in spinach and chia seeds.

Before dinner, do a 30-second plank with a family member.

Planking is one of my favorite exercises. How did I not know about it until I was an adult? My best plank time is almost 3 minutes, but that was years ago. Now I think I top off at 1:30.

Remove all added sugars/sugar substitutes from your diet for the next three days.

This is difficult because of my daughter’s birthday cake.

Focus on deep breathing for 30 seconds while slowly enjoying a cup of green tea.

I haven’t bought it yet, but this tea was highly recommended by a fellow Baby Boot Camp MOLO member!

Watch a nutrition documentary with your family (Food Matters; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; Forks Over Knives; Hungry for Change; Fed Up; etc.).

I have not watched any of these yet. You can watch then on Amazon Video: Food Matters; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; Forks Over Knives; Hungry For Change; Fed Up

MOLO WELLNESS CHALLENGE, 9 weeks down 3 weeks to go!

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