MOLO Wellness challenge update – Week 3


This week was a total fail for me in the fitness department. My daughter caught the nasty virus that’s going around, so we’ve been home-bound since Tuesday. Sunday was Valentine’s Day (yay) and I indulged in a delicious sushi dinner (the only “bad for-you” thing on the menu was the fried tempura). Monday was a holiday, so I skipped my workout and totally forgot about the meatless Monday MOLO Challenge. Oops. Tuesday, my daughter started coughing; Wednesday, she threw up; and today, she is finally feeling better. The week (and month) isn’t completely over yet, so I can still redeem myself.

Here are the challenges for week three of Baby Boot Camp’s MOLO Wellness Challenge, and how I fared:

Go for a 30 minute walk with your family today

I love hiking with my family. We didn’t make it to the trails on Sunday, but we did go to church!

Meatless Monday

I totally forgot about meatless Monday and ate meat. I hope to make this day up with a vegetarian dish, probably something with eggplant or portabello mushroom, two of my favorite hearty meat substitutes!

Make a smoothie for lunch

I’m a big fan of smoothies but haven’t made them lately. This challenge was for Tuesday, and I finally got around to it today (Thursday). My smoothies are basically concoctions of whatever I have available. Today’s smoothie was: pineapple juice, avocado, spinach, cantaloupe, frozen banana, honey, and acai powder. It didn’t look fantastic, but it tasted delicious.

Do two sets of 10 tricep dips before lunch time

This, I was able to do! Thankfully, it was something quick and easy. I did it after lunch, but I think it still counts.

Skip (or cut in half) your coffee for today and drink a cup of green tea

I love coffee. I split my coffee intake and ended up drinking two extra cups of tea. I think I broke even. Wok-wok.

Review your food log and look for trends. Think about your goals and what you need to work on

On Tuesday, I made a big pot of chicken soup (with plenty of veggies). We’ve been eating that for the past two days. Today, I made pork tenderloin and broccoli. I think I’ve been doing ok with my goal to incorporate more veggies, but I can do better. I haven’t been sleeping by 11:00pm every night like I wanted to, so I definitely need to work on that. Since my daughter’s been sick, I’ve been stress eating a bit in the realm of desserts. Tomorrow is another day, and I hope to get back on track!

MOLO WELLNESS CHALLENGE, 3 weeks down 9 weeks to go!

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