5 Reasons why you should join Baby Boot Camp’s MOLO Challenge


Now is the best time to join Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) because we are two weeks away from the  2016 MOLO (Mother Love) Wellness Challenge! Every year, Baby Boot Camp clients around the country sign up for this 12-week wellness challenge which focuses on helping moms achieve health and wellness goals safely and effectively. In addition to nutrition and fitness, the program provides support and assistance in other areas of life such as communication, relationships, self-esteem, and emotional support.

I did the challenge last year and achieved goals I never thought I could reach before. Here are five reasons why you should join:

Daily challenges keep it interesting

Every participant receives a calendar with weekly themes and daily challenges. Examples (from last year) include: Squats Week, Burpees Week, Push-Up Week. Examples of daily challenges: replace dessert with hot tea or fruit; skip processed foods; and take a photo of the contents of your refrigerator.

Receive support from other MOLO challenge members

Everyone who signs up for MOLO is invited to a special closed Facebook group where members are encouraged to post their goals, daily challenges, or anything else related to the 2016 MOLO (Mother Love) Wellness Challenge! This kind of support is very helpful because it’s a reminder of the challenge of the day and the group dynamic gives a little dose of peer pressure I personally need!

It’s Personal

Whether it’s your first year or third year of the MOLO Challenge, what it comes down to is your personal goals and challenges. For me, it’s a challenge of age and stamina. I love statistics and numbers, so my personal goal is to do better than the previous year, not only because I’m another year older but because I want to see if I am more physically fit.

It might inspire your partner

Because the MOLO (Mother Love) Wellness Challenge is something you do every day, it becomes a topic of conversation. My husband didn’t participate in every challenge, but he did join me in a few. I do the majority of grocery shopping and cooking, so when the challenge included a dietary modification (such as add more vegetables or cut out starch for the day), he willingly participated (OK, maybe he was also too lazy to prepare something different).

If you are new to Baby Boot Camp, you get an awesome deal

The cost for moms who want to join the 2016 MOLO (Mother Love) Wellness Challenge who are new to Baby Boot Camp is only $278.00! This includes THREE MONTHS of UNLIMITED visits to any of their three locations (Helms Bakery, Playa Vista, Howard Hughes). There are classes 6 days a week, so if you go to class every day, it’s an amazing deal (you do the math).

Here’s the Skinny on the 2016 MOLO (Mother Love) Wellness Challenge


  • Runs for 12 weeks, from February 1st – April 24th, 2016
  • Each MOLO participant will receive the following with their paid registration:
    • A challenge tee
    • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ measurements and photos
    • A week-by-week calendar with 12 weeks full of fitness and wellness challenges
    • Access to private challenge content, including weekly videos, a MOLO newsletter, and a private Facebook group with 1000+ other moms nationwide cheering you on
    • Overall challenge winners will qualify to win national prizes, including a Mountain Buggy® stroller! And to help inspire other girls to get fit, too, Baby Boot Camp Corporate will donate $2 to the charity Girls on the Run® for every 2016 MOLO registration purchased.
  • Cost: $278.00 for NEW members
  • Cost: $38.00 add-on for Current Baby Boot Camp Clients

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Baby Boot Camp is an innovative stroller fitness program designed to balance the fitness needs of new moms while spending time with their children. Delivered by nationally certified fitness professionals throughout the United States, Baby Boot Camp stroller-fitness classes include STROLLFIT, STROLLGA, 5K Training Program, and Nutrition Solutions. Created in 2001 by Kristen Horler, Baby Boot Camp strives to help moms regain or enhance their pre-pregnancy fitness levels and meet the physical challenges of parenting by emphasizing strength training in a supportive environment.

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