Open Season: Scared Silly available on video March 9th!

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On March 2nd, my daughter and I attended a special media event at Sony Pictures Animation for the release of the latest installment of the Open Season franchise – Open Season: Scared Silly. It was my daughter’s first animated film in a theater. She surprised me by behaving the entire time. It was a cute and funny film we enjoyed together.

About Open Season: Scared Silly


I had never seen the previous Open Season movies, so this was my introduction to all the characters. The main characters are Elliot (an opinionated mule deer), Boog (a grizzly bear who previously lived in captivity), and Mr. Weenie (an always-hungry and lovable pet wiener dog). The movie starts off with a campfire tale told by Elliot about a monster in the woods, which inadvertently strikes fear in Boog. Together with the other forest friends, Elliot, Boog, and Mr. Weenie have a crazy adventure and learn the strength of their friendship, despite their differences.

This movie reminded me of old Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoons I watched as a child, mixed with the hilarious theme of mistaken identity. Open Season: Scared Silly is a movie that entertains parents (there are several jokes only adults will get) and children alike.

Discussions to have with your children


I think it’s important to have discussions with your children about the things they watch. Here are some themes which can spark a conversation with your child:

Frightening Tales

Kids will encounter stories in their life – by the campfire, through friends, books, or videos. Some children may be scared, whether they admit it or not. This movie provides a good bridge to discuss fears, thoughts, and feelings. Talk about how the characters faced their fears, how they dealt with them, and how our imagination can sometimes get the best of us.


In this movie, there is a hunter who uses a gun. Whatever your stance is on guns, it’s a good idea to share that with your child.

Friendships and Relationships

There is a plethora of relationships in this movie –  best friends, acquaintances, enemies, crushes, and more. I love stories that take place in the animal world, because characters that are the best of friends are usually of different species and have polar opposite personalities. This movie is very diverse – there are several characters with accents.

Our bonus experiences at the media event

In addition to a delicious breakfast and lunch, we met and discussed the movie with Michael Feiss, the director; chatted with Will Townsend, the voice of Elliot and Mr. Weenie; learned about voice-over acting and did a scratch sample with Melissa Sturm, the voice of Giselle; and learned about the different stages of animation editing with the editor of the film, Maurissa Horwitz. Overall, it was a very fun time!

David Feiss, the director, sketching Elliot for my daughter

David Feiss served as head of story on the original 2006 animated adventure Open Season. As director of Open Season: Scared Silly, he wanted to create something his young child could enjoy with his older brothers. He is an excellent artist, and made character sketches for guests for the event!

Meeting (the very tall) Will Townsend

Interesting story: Will Townsend (the voice of Elliot and Mr. Weenie) is an associate production manager who worked his way up from digital marketer at Sony. He caught the attention of director Dave Feiss on the basketball court and while yelling something down the hallway. David liked his voice, booked him to do scratch vocals for Elliot. At the time, they didn’t also have a vocal actor for Mr. Weenie. Turns out, Will has a German accent voice which he’s done for years when he worked as a summer camp counselor. It just so happened to also be the perfect fit for Mr. Weenie. Will was later hired to be the voices for those two characters. Will hopes to do more voice over work in the future.

Learning about Scratch Voice Recording with Melissa Sturm (the voice of Giselle)

We met the lovely Melissa Strum, a voice over actress and Sony marketing executive. She demonstrated and gave us a chance to try out scratch voice recording! It was fun. Our sample (I’m doing the voice of Giselle) with another reporter (who did the voice of Elliot) is below:

 A big THANK YOU to Sony Pictures Animation for hosting a great event!

More videos from Sony Pictures Animation

More about Open Season: Scared Silly

Open Season: Scared Silly features the voice talents of Donny Lucas (Boog), Will Townsend (Elliot & Mr. Weenie), Trevor Devall (Shaw), Kathleen Barr (Edna & Bobbi), Garry Chalk (Ed), and Melissa Sturm (Giselle).

Open Season: Scared Silly is available March 9th on Blue Ray and DVD

Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and Digital Extras* include:

  • Stepping into the Spotlight – Mr. Weenie’s Process
  • Bloopers and outtakes
  • Scaredy Pants: The Fears of OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY

DVD, Blu-ray™ and Digital Extras* include:

  • OPEN SEASON Super Speedy Re-Cap
  • Feature Audio Commentary with Director David Feiss and Writer Carlos Kotkin**
  • Director profile – David Feiss

* Digital Extras only available with iTunes Extras and Vudu Extras+

** Commentary available on physical discs only


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