My Birthday Cheat Day and Day 34

My Birthday

I had a nice, low-key birthday.


I didn’t take a picture of it, but my husband cooked me breakfast. It was my “cheat” day but I didn’t want to waste my carbs on breakfast so it stayed Paleo – eggs, ham, and hatch chili salsa.


It was nice to start off my birthday with workout with Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey). Since I’ve been working out every day since the beginning of my fitness challenge, everyone there feels like a work or school colleague, which is nice. I brought medjool dates to share, they are my favorite “natural candy”. Melinda threw in some extra laps for us to run as a “birthday gift” to me, since she knows I want to work on running. It was tough, but I did it! Here is most of the workout crew (oh and my camera stretches out the corners so my arm looks incredibly long!). I’m all decked out in my pink Runyon Canyon Apparel outfit – pink running shorts, pink tank top, and pink bandana!:

I didn’t know how much my cheat day was going to affect my body, so I took a photo of my stomach in the morning just in case on Friday it relapses. Here is the the picture. I am quite proud of my accomplishment!


My wonderful Aunt brought over a lechon sandwich from Portos for my lunch. Regular bread! It was as good and tasty as I remember! I also had plantain chips (which I think are Paleo with the exception of the oil it was probably fried in), and a potato ball.


For dinner, we went to Umami Burger in Santa Monica. Yes, I went back to the place that was the reason I went on my diet in the first place. I had the oxtail burger, cheesy tots, and a ginger beer. It will probably be another two months before I will return. It was oh so good.

Day 34


Two days left. Eggs and ham. I cooked the egg too long so it looks kind of gnarly.


Good workout with Baby Boot Camp (Los Angeles – Culver City and Marina Del Rey) at the Playa Vista location. Did a lot of jogging. Also did a progressive exercise where I did 10 push-ups, side shuffle over to the other side where I did 10 tricep dips, and then side shuffle back to do 9, then 8, all the way down to 1. We also did a lot of mat work where we used the bands to work the legs. I’m definitely feeling my sore muscles as I’m typing this!

After the workout, Aria and I went to Chess Park in Playa Vista. What a great park! It was exactly what I needed for Aria – a grassy area for her to play that is fenced in! Here is a pic of me stretching with Aria at the park.


Lunch was leftovers from Day 32 – Wings and Brussels Sprouts! The wings still tasted good, but the brussel sprouts don’t taste as good reheated. I only started to like brussels sprouts as an adult because my mom never made them when I was growing up. When I was a kid, I would hear negative things about them (“Eeew brussels sprouts”) from television shows, I didn’t care to try them and was glad I never “had” to eat them. Just shows how much influence television has over a young child.


Dinner was steak fajitas with Paleo tortillas. I previously made a similar version on Day 20. This version was marinated longer and I kind of winged the marinade. I think this one tastes better. I also did a better job of cooking the tortillas since it was my second time doing it. They still aren’t fantastic – they are still flimsy and a bit soggy – so I’ll be really happy to start eating traditional corn or flour tortillas again.


Since I didn’t get a chance to eat my birthday tart yesterday, I ate a slice today. My Aunt brought it over from Porto’s, and it’s one of my favorites. I’m so glad she is conscious of my diet, because that really helps me stay in line!


AND we are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge after Baby Boot Camp class!