My daughter’s low-key birthday

Last year today, my daughter turned one. I didn’t throw a big party because I was still getting used to being a mom – I barely had time to plan! Besides, at that age, my daughter was still on a three-naps-a-day schedule and in parallel play mode. Regardless, I arranged an open-invite play-date at the park (Aidan’s Place) for my mom friends and their kids on her birthday (which was on a weekday). My aunt brought all the food, cake, decorations, and favors. Some friends helped haul items to and from the car (the stroller frame came in handy), and everyone had a nice time. However, even with all the help (which I am so grateful for), it still stressed me out.

This year, I decided not to plan anything. Instead, we had intimate celebrations. Last Sunday, we met up with my aunt and uncle for lunch and ice cream. We don’t see them that often, so when we do, it’s a real treat. They are like grandparents to my daughter, which is wonderful because my parents live so far away.

Today, we met up with my wonderful Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey) trainers for their pre-planned play date at Venice Beach with the other members and their kids. Everyone brought their own lunch, and I brought homemade brownies and Rice Krispy Treat pops for dessert. I bought a cupcake with a candle for my daughter Aria to blow out. It was a great way to celebrate her birthday by relaxing and spending time at the beach with friends and their kids. I’m really glad my husband took the day off so he could enjoy it with us too. It was the perfect way for us celebrate her second birthday!

While we waited for our sandwiches to-go at Mendocino Farms, we enjoyed the puppet show, by Westside Marina del Rey Kids Club

While we waited for our sandwiches to-go at Mendocino Farms, we enjoyed the puppet show, hosted by Waterside Marina del Rey Kids Club

Aria enjoys her cupcake, from Susie Cakes

Aria enjoys her “Happy Birthday” cupcake, from Susie Cakes

rice krispy treats pops and bite size brownies

Rice Krispy Treats pops and bite size Giradelli triple chocolate brownies, made by me!

We saw a baby #seal at #venice #beach today. #venicebeach #nature

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