News from the Homeschool front

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Since my last post, it’s been difficult to hop online and write a post due to ongoing household and family needs. Spring break has come and gone, and honestly that was the week my school-age child and I got along the best. Needless to say, we are both not hopping out of bed to get on the home-school train, but it needs to be done. The first few days of homeschool were extremely challenging. I had to be creative in different ways – one which included princess dress-up and speaking in a British accent.


Thankfully, the school district supplied us with a Chromebook. Since her teacher conducts online meetings and all the instruction is via websites, I definitely needed her to have her own laptop. At first, my iPad seemed sufficient, but the more involved the work became, the more I wanted something of her own to use (and I wanted my iPad back). I’m not sure I love the Chromebook, but it is sufficient for her needs right now.

Educational Websites

In addition to the website portal where the teacher posts worksheets, we also were instructed to use the following websites.

Mystery Science

This is a video-driven website featuring it’s creator and elementary science instructor, Doug. In addition to interesting topics, Doug answers questions called in by actual kid viewers. My kid really likes this site and has learned a lot from it already.

Teach Your Monster to Read

This website is targeted towards kids who are learning to read or older kids who need a bit more practice. It’s game-based learning with cute characters. It’s a very engaging game that makes me feel good about my kid’s screen-time.

Khan Academy

Although we haven’t started using this yet, it was recommended. I’ve heard about it for years but didn’t sign up until now. It’s free online learning for everyone – from early math to college-level courses.

Physical Fitness

One of the things I’m really bummed about it is not being able to go to the park. I had this grand idea of taking my kid biking (she recently learned how to bike) during the school closure. Once parks closed and social distancing was enforced, I had to throw that idea by the wayside. I know I could still let her bike in the neighborhood, but I noticed cars not following street signs and speed limits, so I didn’t want to take that risk.


This site encourages movement in different ways through videos and games. They used this resource in my daughter’s classroom, so it’s familiar and fun for her to do at home.

TR REMOTE – Tae Ryong Taekwondo Remote Training

The week before the schools shut down, my daughter tested and received her second degree yellow belt. We weren’t sure what was going to happen with her training, but then Tae Ryong Taekwondo Schools amped up their online training program and offered it to their students during this pandemic. It’s pretty cool because some days she trains with kids from other schools and with a different Taekwondo Masters. Other times, it’s with her current studio, Tae Ryong Brentwood. They really took this by the helm and provided a great resource to keep the community and their students strong.

And now, for some humor:

That’s all for now. I’m sure I will have more to report soon enough. Be well, and be safe.