Our Chinatown Saturday


I haven’t been in the mood to cook lately.  Since it’s my husband’s birthday weekend, I’m using it as a great excuse to not cook.  Today he wanted to go to one of our favorite former westside restaurants, Chego.  The last time we ate at Chego on the westside was two days before my daughter was born.  Chego is now located in Chinatown in a plaza on Broadway.  Oh how we have missed it so!  The new site has a few seats indoors, most of them bar-style.  Outside, where we sat, there are several communal benches.  There are a few new items and several specials, but we chose our favorites:  3pm Meatballs, Chubby Pork Belly Bowl, Tiny’s Prime Rib Rice Plate, and Sriracha Bar for dessert.  They all tasted as good as I remember.  My husband thinks they taste better.  I ate my lunch with my daughter on my lap.  I didn’t bother to ask for a high chair because she probably wouldn’t sit still on it anyway.

After lunch, we went to Ten Ren Tea to get some boba.  While my husband was waiting for the kumquat shaken boba drink, I wandered into an accessory store.  I’m always on the lookout for cute hair clips for my daughter since she has so much hair.  Of course I found something.  I wanted to buy more (and probably will if I go back), but I ended up buying a tiny hat clip for $2!!!  They had purple, fuchsia, blue, and pink.  I purchased the tiny pink hat clip.  Here is a photo:


tiny pink sequin hat clip with black feather

For those of you who can’t make it to Chinatown, I did find it online.  It costs more, and is only sold in a 3 pack.  Still not a bad price:  Glitter Mini Hat with Feather Accent Hair Clip 3 Pieces Set

Traffic wasn’t bad leaving Chinatown, but it was already past the baby’s nap time.  Halfway through our ride back, our ears were pierced with a too tired baby’s cries.  When we finally made it home, she went straight to sleep.  Although I hate getting off schedule with her naps, I think the trip to Chinatown was worth it.  Besides, we have leftovers to enjoy, which means I’m off the hook to cook another meal!