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Our weekend – Westside Tavern, Clothing Swap, Library Book Sale, and the park

We had a busy weekend. Friday, we met up with some girlfriends at Westside Tavern at Westside Pavilion. My friends had plans to watch a movie, and invited me to have drinks and appetizers with them beforehand. It was around 5:30pm and we had our choice of seats, which was great, because not too long after, the place was packed. My daughter Aria is usually a picky eater, but she loves eating whatever I’m eating, especially if we are at a restaurant. Besides ordering a much needed drink (Spicy Basil Paloma), Nancy and I shared the (also spicy) caramelized cauliflower, and jar of chicken liver mousse. I love that chicken liver mousse. I forgot who introduced me to it, but I was sold at first bite. So was Aria. But first, she had the cauliflower and was loving it. Except a few minutes later when the heat from the red pepper kicked in and she had that look that one has when you know you made an awful mistake. Oops. Bad Mommy. Well she ate the chicken liver after, and was very happy with that. I had a pouch of baby food, but she was liking the other stuff way too much to pay any attention to it. After being there for an hour, our time was up and headed home. I’m thankful the restaurant is loud enough where here spurts of whining isn’t bothersome to the other guests.

Saturday, we went to the clothing swap sponsored by MOMS Club of Santa Monica/Venice. I found out about it through one of my mom groups on Facebook. I’m glad I went, because we had a lot of newborn and 0-3 month clothes to get rid of, even after I had given a bunch to two separate friends who were pregnant. This event would have been a gold mine for those expecting! Clothes were arranged by size, and as late as I arrived (almost noon, when it was ending), the pile in that size bracket was huge. We added to that pile, and picked through what was left of the other piles. Just before I was going to leave, a woman showed up with a bunch of cute clothes in my daughter’s size. There were two Indian outfits that fit her perfectly and look so adorable. Baby Bollywood style!

Then, we headed to Palms Rancho Park Library for their used book sale. Not much left, but we did get the following books (I added their links on Amazon so you can read more about them):

books purchased from the Palms-Rancho Park Library used book sale

books purchased from the Palms-Rancho Park Library used book sale

Living World Record Breakers

How Many Veggies?

Dora’s Sweet Adventure

The Deep Blue Sea

This is a wonderfully illustrated, powerful, and wordless book, which shows how peace can turn into war so quickly. I was floored when I looked it up on Amazon and saw the book I bought for a dollar is selling between $23 – $400 (used) online. Looks like it’s something for MY shelf!



During my earlier trip to a used book sale at the Westwood Branch library, I bought a hardcover of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, printed in 1964. I just looked that up on Amazon, and see listings for $12 – $98! If I didn’t love these books so much, I’d consider selling them.

After the library, we hung out at the park, for a bit. It wasn’t crowded at all, you wouldn’t think it was a weekend. The playground is a big structure, which was fun but not very preschool friendly. Aria still had fun.

Aria playing with the giant abacus at the playground

Aria playing with the giant abacus at the playground

palmsreccenter playground in west los angeles on westsidemommy.com

Palms Rec Center Playground, West Los Angeles

Today (Sunday), we didn’t do much except go to West Hollywood Park. I don’t know when the finished construction, but the parking structure is great. The first hour is free, and the second hour is free with park validation, which you can get at the building next to the swimming pool, and on the path near the structure. There are two playgrounds – one for ages 2 – 5, which is gated, has small play structure, and baby swings; the second is for ages 5 and up. There were two birthday parties happening, so the park was super crowded. It’s a nice park, but it’s also an “industry” park. I overheard a woman saying she is a writer for Mad Men (squeal!). A lot of moms look like actresses, and the dads there seemed to take notice.

The rest of this day is probably included a trip to the market (again), where I will buy some ingredients for Pico de Gallo. My Aunt and Uncle came over, brought dinner, and put the baby to sleep. A much needed break in the long week!