My pandemic hobby – the ukulele

Video still of me playing uke with my baby in a wrap. I don’t always play this way, but it’s nice that I can!

When the pandemic hit, a lot of people including my good friend and neighbor Jessica, took up the ukulele as a “pandemic hobby.” I already had a guitar that I never learned how to play, so I thought I would try to learn alongside her. I owned the guitar for a long time and even took a couple lessons before my first daughter was born from School of Rock with a Groupon I purchased. I never really caught on, and now that first child is now seven. After weeks of frustration of trying to learn the guitar again, I bought a ukulele after seeing Jessica catch on quickly. With her encouragement and because she showed me how much easier it was to play the “C” note on the “uke” than on the guitar, I am happy to say that I can sort of play now!

I’m definitely still a beginner, but am enjoying my “pandemic hobby.” I got my daughter to sing some songs while I play, and my husband doesn’t complain too much about hearing the same songs over and over again. Best of all, I enjoy “jamming” with Jessica and “talking uke” to other friends have taken on this hobby!

Here is the ukulele I purchased, and the Amazon link, which is where I bought it (affiliate link). Don’t feel dismayed that the five year old child on the packaging can probably play better than you ever will. The whole point of the uke is to have FUN!

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