“Legendairy Milk” Supplement Review

Note: I received this product to review. All opinions and statements are honest and 100% based on my own experience. Please consult your healthcare provider before consuming any supplements.

One of the biggest challenges I faced as a new mom over six years ago was breastfeeding. Despite my best efforts, I stopped after two months. The scientifically-backed statements and social pressure to breastfeed consumed me, and I saw myself as a “failure”. Saying the words “quit” and feeling inadequate around breastfeeding moms were negative mental contributions that ultimately led to a long bout with post-partum depression.

With my second child, I knew I would face similar challenges. I mentally prepared myself for the breastfeeding aspect and replaced the “breast is best” phrase with the more positive spin of the phrase, “fed is best”. The feeling of inadequacy didn’t go away during the several weeks when I could barely pump out a bottle’s worth of milk at a time, but my circle of supportive friends and a realistic mindset of parenting certainly helped.

After several visits with a lactation consultant, and barely getting enough sleep from trying to pump around-the-clock, I was ready to increase my baby’s formula consumption to 100%. Coincidentally, I was contacted by a new company, Legendairy Milk, to sample a variety of their milk-production supplements.

I read up on the company on their website, learned why they are fenugreek free” (apparently, there are several possible adverse reactions to fenugreek, including: gastrointestinal issues and nut allergies), and decided to give it a shot. An important thing to note before considering this supplement is to read up on the ingredient page carefully (https://www.legendairymilk.com/pages/our-ingredients), especially if you have diabetes (or in my case, had gestational diabetes) or are currently pregnant, because there are several ingredient warnings.

I received the Bestseller Bundle to try. It contains one bottle each of: Pump Princess, Liquid Gold®, and Milkapalooza®.

I started with Liquid Gold®. Since this product may lower blood sugar, I limited my intake to two pills a day (recommended is two pills three times a day). I definitely saw an increase in milk production after three days. The website says the product is formulated for: milk production, mammary growth, and prolactin release. (Prolactin is the hormone that tells the body to make breast milk when a person is pregnant or breast-feeding).

Next, I tried Pump Princess. In addition to milk production, mammary growth, and prolactin release, another benefit of Pump Princess is milk flow. I’m not sure if it is the supplement or because my baby’s consumption demand increased due to age, but my milk production and flow significantly increased while taking Pump Princess.

I’m currently taking the last product of the pack, Milkapalooza®. This product is formulated for: milk production and milk enrichment. I do feel a difference in the amount I’m producing while using Milkapalooza® versus Pump Princess. But, the quality of milk (color-wise and density-wise) does seem richer while using this supplement.

Overall, using these products helped increase my milk supply and have kept me going with (mostly) pumping and (sometimes) breastfeeding. If you decide to use supplements, this is a good one to try. Their website is well-designed, user-friendly, and very informative.

Thank you, Legendairy Milk, for providing samples for me to try!

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Visit their website at: https://www.legendairymilk.com/

Disclaimer: As mentioned, I received samples to try. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this post. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.