Product Research Opportunity, $50 Amazon Gift Card Compensation

The following is an opportunity sent to me by the company Social Product Research to share with my readers. Disclosure: if you qualify and participate, Westside Mommy receives an affiliate fee for sharing.

Are you interested in new products and new ways to make everyday tasks easier? Do you use apps for social media, messaging, dating, or ride sharing?

The Social Product Research team are looking for mothers of young kids (ages 1-5) who have access to a Skype account and who would be willing to speak to us on a video call for less than an hour. Calls can be from home, work, or anywhere with a good WiFi connection! You can book any time from 8am-2pm EST.

To say thanks for your time, each participant will get a $50 gift card from the group conducting the interviews- for less than an hour on the phone!

If you’re interested, find out if you’re eligible by taking a quick survey at this link: