Project Heha: The Movement to Co-Create a Happier World

I was asked to be a happiness ambassador for Project Heha by Do Good PR Group. The following is information about their free e-book about happiness, which I read and approve and choose to share with you.

In Los Angeles, almost everyone is focused on health, wellness and happiness. There are a variety of ways to exercise and healthy food options are just about everywhere. It’s definitely one of the perks of being in Los Angeles, especially on the Westside. But sometimes L.A. can get a little overwhelming – traffic easily makes a commute over an hour long, and it’s easy to sometimes let the pressures of living in the city take away from your overall wellness and happiness.

As mothers, we are always continuing our ongoing search not just for happiness but to be better parents, wives, and just better to ourselves. Recently, I was introduced to Project Heha and their new free downloadable book, “Project Heha: The Movement to Co-Create a Happier World.” This book is written by Sammy Lee, the founder of a Hong Kong based company that’s literally looking to make people happy through co-creation, science and Taoist philosophy. In this easy-to-read and very short e-book, I was reminded that there isn’t just one step to happiness but there are several ways to check-in with yourself that continually force you to focus on what’s important. Lee wrote the book after experiencing the type of burnout we all know too well here in Los Angeles. Inspired by his own experiences running a multi-billion dollar business and realizing that his health and overall wellbeing was deteriorating and then experiencing a downfall in all crucial aspects of his life, Lee took charge to restructure the core areas and focused on exploring ways to seek happiness and a healthier lifestyle world-wide and has dedicated his life to it ever since by creating Project Heha.

The book focuses on what’s called a 5+1 framework—a  simple list of habits and practices focused on the core areas of our life 5 (Health, Family, Work, Friends, Leisure) + 1 (Mindset)—and has the reader evaluate themselves monthly in each area. This process of habit changes for improvement, perception change and personal evaluation help the reader better assess their areas in life that are in need of improvement by forcing you to rate yourself in each category on a continual basis. It forces you to always check in, which is so important when you are constantly running around being a mom, wife and everything else in between.

Project Heha is now a global movement to co-create a world of what they coined “Super Happiness,” with a goal to help everyone live happier lives, what they call “Heha lives.” And although it sounds pretty funny, it is actually pretty simple and a great way to live your life. Through specific actions they’ve created a global ecosystem of people pursuing happiness for themselves and others. Project Heha has even gone so far as to host an idea and startup competition awarding people money, in the thousands of dollars, for their happiness initiatives. These people really want to make you happy and are still looking for other people to connect with them to showcase their ideas for global happiness. I recommend checking out the free book in the link above for a start on happiness evaluation in your life or following their Facebook or Instagram for happiness inspirations and more information on their next event and calls for happiness inspirations from readers who want to not only contribute happiness ideas but also have a chance to make those happiness ideas come true with a nice push from Project Heha.