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Below is an interview with Abby W., who recently completed Core 9 Birth Recovery program with Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles (Culver City and Marina Del Rey).

Core9 Birth Recovery is designed to assist a new mom during the first 9 weeks of motherhood, through fitness, nutrition, and community support.

Supporting a new mom in what is often referred to as the 4th trimester, the Core9 Birth Recovery program initially begins at home with support from certified Core9 Birth Recovery instructors, and transitions to also include social support and diastasis recti checks at Baby Boot Camp classes.

How long have you been a Baby Boot Camp member?

2 years!

How did you find Baby Boot Camp?

Walking around Helms Bakery with my then 11 month old. Good thing they had a sign!  I stopped on the spot and started exercising with them even though I was wearing flip flops and a skirt. It felt so good to move my body, I didn’t care

How many kids do you have, and how old are they?

Two (a 3-year old and a 4-month old)

How were your pregnancies and deliveries?

Complicated, but worth it!

How was your second birth recovery compared to your first?

Far better. I was in better shape, and the delivery was easier.

Did you have any separation the first time around?


What was it?


What did you do for it?

Physical therapy and MuTu

Was it healed when you got pregnant the second time?

Mostly, yes.

Does your core feel stronger this time around?

Yes and no. The separation is worse, but I like the new thinking on diastasis, about alignment, stretching, and strengthening. I have been focusing on that but haven’t started to do the “diastasis crunches” yet as part of my recovery. I want PT clearance, but I keep having to reschedule the appointments, so I haven’t made it in yet.

Did you feel more community support this time?

I feel more capable and less desperate for support. I enjoy supporting others.  I am well supported by a community of mamas where I lived before I moved to LA, and they are still my primary parenting resource. I love my baby boot camp mamas, too, but I haven’t yet joined for social events. I never have time.

What was your favorite part about Core 9 Birth Recovery?

Doing the movements from very first video was so wonderful. I remember this feeling last time around. The first time you stop everything and get down on the floor and move your body again is delicious.

Would you do it again?


Would you recommend it to friends?

Already have!

Were the movements easy to accomplish during the day?

It was fairly easy to squeeze them in once each day. But 3-4 times per day wasn’t happening. I had to keep a few projects alive at work, and so I think 3 times a day would be attainable for moms who aren’t in the paid workforce. Doing house plus baby plus a bit of job-work meant that once a day was all I could muster.

Were the recipes helpful?

I was very impressed with the recipes. I had to cut dairy, soy, and beef to help my baby’s digestion (and all of our sleep!), and the recipes didn’t have any of those common colic triggers in them.

How has this program positively effected you?

It was wonderful to feel less out of touch with boot camp!  I LOVE going to boot camp. My move to LA was difficult, and being able to exercise without having to sort out childcare and (when I had childcare) walking distance from home, with trainers who know how to keep me safe through pregnancy and postpartum has been HUGE for me and my family. I am stronger and happier — and I don’t throw my back out as often 🙂

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Melinda Blechner & Elizabeth Avila, Nationally Certified Trainers

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